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Bear Proof Garbage Containers & Bins

Baytech Plastics designs and manufactures many different products for a variety of markets as shown in other areas of our website. We do employ a strong engineering team to take the projects from concept to the marketplace. The Bear Bin is one example of our contract manufacturing abilities.

Resistant to bears, raccoons and other pesky invaders are perfect for homeowners, cottages, farms, campgrounds, outside offices and factories.


Bear Proof Containers
  • Received a 3 Star pass equivalent rating from Grizzly and Black Bear testing
  • 32 Gallon/120 litre capacity
  • Dimensions 23" deep x 21" wide x 44" high
  • Made from UV resistant HDPE
  • Secures garbage/recyclables safely
  • Meets ergonomic standards for health and safety
  • Features inside child safety release
  • Large HDPE wheels for easy handling
  • Shipped completely assembled
  • Carries one (1) year manufacturers warranty for manufacturing and workmanship
  • Made in Canada.

For Bear Bin sales please email or call direct to 705-526-0591 ext. 332 or 345. 

Watch a live product demo video of the “Bear Bin vs. Grizzly”

Bear Proof Containers
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