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Baytech Plastics Inc has a significant history as a contract manufacturer completing full assembly of product for a multiple markets. This includes plastic injection molding and design, medical device manufacturing, and telecommunications. We will handle all aspects from concept through component production to final assembly and package as the consumers would see it at retail.

Baytech engineers work closely with our customers to put together a comprehensive plan to ensure all deadlines are being met and cost are strictly kept in check. Our open door policy allows customers to work along side our teams as the program launches putting a little co-operation and fun back into business.

We handle sourcing of components on a global basis and ensure they are at hand as needed to support production requirements. We have had several program launch celebrations, where as all parties including the customer, our teams and related suppliers are present as production begins.

To support contract manufacturing we incorporate all necessary disciplines to meet customer regulatory standards. Baytech Plastics Inc utilizes bar code traceability and initiates mock recalls to verify its accuracy.

We provide daily production records to keep our customer up to date on shipments and order status. It is like having your own factory but without the expense and headache, allowing you time to focus on distribution and product design.

This is no small undertaking as our completed assemblies in many cases are shipped to retail distribution centers with no inspection until the ultimate inspector checks it …. “The consumer”

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