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New 660 Ton Hybrid Molding Machine

Friday, November 7, 2014

Baytech Plastics Inc. invests in additional capacity with the purchase of a new press. The addition is a new Nissei FVX 660 Hybrid molding machine supplied by Enplas Inc.

The new Nissei FVX 660 machine equipped with a Yushin robot features the latest technology enabling precision molding at a much lower energy consumption rate compared to conventional molding equipment of a similar size. The machine has innovative advantages such as direct-pressure clamping, low maintenance, reduced amounts of hydraulic oil (up to 56%) and significant energy savings (about 50%).

The new machine is now fully commissioned. We received an energy reduction rebate on actual metered energy savings. The new machine with excellent low pressure clamping performance is well suited to molding for use of aluminum tooling.

Baytech Plastics operates 2 plants, 37 molding machines with clamping forces of 44 Tons to 2,650 Tons. Baytech also specializes in non-automotive painting and complete product contract assembly.

Alternative to Traditional Steel Molds

Friday, November 7, 2014

Baytech Plastics continues to assist customers in choosing alternatives to traditional steel tooling and has developed tooling sources in both domestic and offshore suppliers.

Baytech Plastics has been a long term advocate of aluminum tooling vs traditional steel in high production applications. Aluminum, once only considered for prototype applications has a much broader application. Baytech has built aluminum molds for a variety of markets including automotive, business machine and consumer products. We have over 15 years of successful programs running aluminum tooling in high volume applications.

The benefits of aluminum are pretty straight forward, lower cost of tooling and cycle time advantage from better thermal heat transfer. A reduced cycle time of 20% or more drives down the part cost, increases efficiency and creates capacity on the molding equipment. Customers always appreciate lower part costs and lower capital cost of tooling.

There are choices in aluminum materials QC7, QC 10, and 7000 series, to name a few.

It is important to understand that not all resins are a perfect fit with the use of aluminum molds and we consider steel when the application involves using glass filled and polycarbonate resins.

We have built hybrid tooling using aluminum cavities/cores and steel inserts in areas for wear consideration and gating maintenance. We find little restriction with the use of specialized coatings if specified. The use of valve gates can be integrated with confidence.

Baytech Plastics operates 37 molding machines 7 days a week from 2 plants in Midland Ontario serving the automotive, recreational vehicle, heavy truck, business machine and consumer white goods markets.

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