Injection Moulding Technician

We at Baytech Plastics, an injection moulding manufacturer on the shores of Georgian Bay are currently seeking qualified, high-energy and self-motivated individuals for our Injection Department.

We offer a competitive starting rate, company paid benefits, pension plan and profit sharing!

Major Tasks and Responsibilities:

The Injection Technician has seven major areas of responsibilities and related tasks which must be adhered to in order to achieve the goals stated above. They are as follows:


The incumbent is responsible to conduct a number of technical tasks related to the technical support of injection moulding machines. These tasks include reading gauges such as verniers, digital gauges etc., using the Symix and Mattec computer systems, hydraulic hand truck and tow motor. The incumbent is required to perform a number of functions relating to hoppers, dryers and loaders. These include: loading, unloading, assembling, disassembling, cleaning, purging, setting controls and performing hook ups. In addition, he/she must set up and calibrate mini blenders, set up and/or remove auxiliary equipment, operate an overhead crane, operate the material grinder, use bench grinder vices and other workplace tools, and change fuel tanks on tow motors. The Injection tech must provide relief for Injection Operators as required. The incumbent is required to answer machine bells and perform advanced troubleshooting duties. He/she will be able to perform all machine start ups, set ups for blenders and mixers, sample and start new jobs, identifying possible process improvement. The Injection tech is required to book materials in/out, identify materials from production orders, prepare PDN’s, remove production from floor, label scrap containers, make up packaging materials and prepare labels. The incumbent cleans and maintains all equipment and practices good housekeeping techniques. In addition, the Injection tech is required to perform the tasks relating to the Team Leader position as required.


In order to perform the technical tasks, the incumbent must have a general knowledge of math skills, imperial and metric, the symix and Mattec system, computer literacy, and the union contract. The Injection tech requires a familiarity with ISO 9001:2015 and general reading and writing skills. In addition, he/she must possess basic knowledge of electricity, and a general knowledge of plumbing, mould maintenance, pneumatics, hydraulics, and material grinding process. This knowledge must be both theory and practical to enable the incumbent to have an understanding of theories and background and know how to apply this knowledge. He/she will have developed an advanced knowledge of the production process.


This position requires the incumbent to have good communication skills to enable him/her to record daily activities on time sheets, fill out identification tags, material identification labels, material transaction cards, process change sheets, and maintenance work orders and tool room work orders. The Injection tech is required to train operators. He/she must interpret Set Up sheets, “Night Sheets”, Method and Quality sheets, First Article reports and Supplier Processing manuals. The incumbent is required to learn to fill out set up sheets and complete mould damage reports with Team Leaders.


The incumbent is expected to work in a safe and responsible manner which includes reading and understand company safety policies and procedures, report all injuries and safety violations. He/she must be trained and understand WHMIS material, properly dispose of machine purges, wear safety equipment, use safety devices, follow posted notices and only operate machinery trained on. In addition, the Injection tech must be familiar with all exits and follow emergency response evacuation procedures.


The incumbent works with other members of the Injection Moulding Team and is expected to work shifts, maintain basic personal hygiene, be approachable and uphold Baytech values. He/she must be willing to continue to improve their knowledge and skill levels. The Injection tech must maintain a positive attitude, and be open to change.


The incumbent is required to provide leadership to the Injection Moulding department by acting as a role model. The qualities relating to this which he/she is expected to exhibit include: team building, motivation, decision making, problem solving, delegation and accountability.The incumbent is expected to have a basic understanding of the principles relating to Conflict Resolution.


The Injection tech is required to organize the Injection Moulding Team for daily workloads and plan for production issues when he/she is fulfilling the role of the Team Leader position. He/she is required to access appropriate resources as required. In addition, the incumbent must collect, maintain and organize data properly.