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of Plastic Components
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About Us

Here at Baytech, our injection molding company produces and delivers premium plastic components since 1946. That’s nearly six decades of supplying our domestic and global customers with the highest-quality custom-molded plastic components.

It’s A Legacy We’re Proud Of

Because of our years of experience and our commitment to innovation, the possibilities we can create with custom injection molding are endless. At Baytech, we’re not just an injection molding company; we create solutions.

When it comes to the latest technology in plastics injection molding and blow molding Baytech sets the standard among plastic mold companies. Our Manufacturing capabilities include, design, assembly, prototyping, custom injection mold manufacturing, finishing and assembly, just to name a few. And if your system needs upgrading, we can integrate our internal systems seamlessly with yours. Our in-house plastics expert, and our high-speed, high tech capabilities housed our 134,000 sq.ft., state-of-the-art molding facility can keep up with your evolving needs. Whatever your need or goal, our custom plastic injection molders have a solution.


In addition, our commitment to efficiency and the environment go hand in hand. Our forefront technology creates less waste, uses natural cooling and is located close to our distribution sites, to reduce our carbon footprint. Our top, state-of-the-art equipment, not only manufactures smarter and faster, it manufactures cleaner, too. With our Green Initiatives like a dedicated in-house recycling program and 99% of scrap reintegrated into products, you can feel good about partnering with Baytech.

Your Business Is Part Of The Equation

Not only are we dedicated to our environment, but also we’re dedicated to our customers and employees. We comply with current health and safety regulations. And our Supervisors/Lead Hands are on constantly monitoring machinery, workspaces and practices. We also constantly educate our employees in the most efficient and safest methods. This ensures that every purchase you make is a safe one, and every employee who makes those products is safe. These are just a few of the reasons why our employee turn around is nearly nonexistent. Our employees are happy and it shows in the quality of our products and in the world class service to our customers.


Above other plastic mold companies, we live by this a simple equation: when our employees are happy, they make top-quality products and deliver them on time, which equals happy customers.


Let us create solutions for your custom injection molding needs. Contact us, phone us at (705) 526-7801 or email to request a quote, or set up a visit at our facility or yours.

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