3 Examples of Innovative Plastics Manufacturing in Ontario

Plastics manufacturing and injection molding are production methods that have been in use for decades. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for innovation. Early innovations focused on improvements in the machines, technologies, and techniques used to produce plastic components. There were enormous efficiency improvements as technology advanced, changed, and improved. The advent of computer-aided design is a good example of how technology improvements impacted the efficiency and success of plastics manufacturing. Another innovation came with changes to plastic resins such as HDPE, PET, PVC, etc. Today, there are 7 major plastic resins on the market, each with its unique physical properties and characteristics. With the advent of new resins, came increased reclamation or recyclability.

Baytech Plastics has always led the way in innovative plastics manufacturing in Ontario. Since 1946, we have kept pace with industry trends and technology advancements to continuously offer the newest, most efficient and effective plastics manufacturing solutions to our customers. But what is next? Are there more innovations on the horizon for the plastics industry? Always. The industry is constantly adapting, adjusting, changing, and innovating to meet new uses and demands and to fulfill customer requirements.

Below are three innovations that are currently changing how plastics manufacturers do business.

3 Innovations in Modern-Day Plastics Manufacturing

  1. Automation & Robotics. While automation has long been used in plastics manufacturing, the capabilities are changing. Injection-molding machines and assembly lines still play a vital role in plastics manufacturing. What has changed the most in recent years is the integration of robotics into production processes. Robotics is more widely used than ever by plastics manufacturers, including Baytech. The biggest change is that robotic processes are no longer necessarily stationary. Robotic arms are still used to remove products from their molds and move products fresh off the production line to containers, but now plastics manufacturers are using robotics to move products around the facility, handling raw materials and delivering them to the correct location and in many facilities, robots and robotic operations are employed side-by-side with human employees to improve efficiencies.
  2. Micro Injection Molding. When you think of injection molding you might think big. Cars, TVs, computers, appliances…they are all made with plastic injection molded parts. But even very small items are made of plastic too. Micro molding is an area of plastics manufacturing that has experienced significant increases in demand and production improvements in recent years. As our devices become smaller and more compact, they require smaller pieces. Micro injection molding is used in consumer products like smartphones and electronic enclosures, but it has also experienced tremendous growth in the medical industry. As surgical techniques have advanced to produce very small incisions and demand very precise skills, small surgical tools and implantable devices are also needed. These products can be made using a plastic injection molding process. The automation advancements mentioned above actually support micro injection molding; robotic production methods and computer-aided design make it possible to maintain the strict quality controls necessary for the safe production of these life-saving products.
  3. 3D Printing. 3D printing has become much more affordable and accessible to everyone, including plastics manufacturers. While it may not seem like an advancement that plastic injection manufacturers would embrace, embrace it they have. The biggest advantage of 3D printing to an injection molding manufacturer comes in the prototyping phase. Before 3D printing was widely available, prototypes were produced by hand or run through the actual production process. This was expensive, especially if the prototype failed or was rejected. 3D printing of prototypes is quick, efficient, and affordable. The process can be used for tooling and parts creation as well as to create product samples to be shared with investors or at tradeshows…all without a lot of upfront investment.

Looking For Innovative Plastics Manufacturing in Ontario? Look at Baytech Plastics

Baytech Plastics has embraced all of these innovative plastics production practices and more. If you are in need of innovative plastics manufacturing in Ontario, contact us. Innovation is at the heart of our business. If we don’t have an immediate solution to your production needs, we will work with you to figure one out.

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