Baytech Contributing to the Circular Economy

Baytech contributing to the circular economy

Sustainability – Waste Reduction & Leveraging Recycling

  • Commitment to minimize the waste stream from our manufacturing processes, driving toward <1% waste,
  • Internal defective parts are fed back into the production stream where reprocessed material is permitted.
  • Work with customers to help light-weight part design, standardize on common resins or use reprocessed resins where possible to help reduce resin consumption and encourage reprocessed options.
  • Promote common resins to minimize material delivery and encourage bulk silo storage reducing packaging and transportation
Resin Utilization Graph
Resin Consumption Virgin and Reprocessed Graph
Reduction of CO2e Utilizing Reprocessed Polypropylene Graph

Energy Efficiency – Reduce Consumption

  • 9 injection molding machines converted to servo-pump systems – 62% decrease in energy
  • Dedicated shunting road between our plant and warehouse to reduce transportation distance
  • Addition of fully electric machines from hydraulic based systems
  • Updating robots to servo controlled, energy and cycle reduction
  • Capacitor bank to improve Power Factor
  • High efficiency compressors, resin drying systems and chilled water systems
  • Door seals, air curtains and LED lighting all contributing to reducing carbon footprint
CO2e Metric Tons Reduction Efficiency Projects Graph
Relative Energy Consumption Graph - Transition hydraulic to servo-pump-system

Growing the Skills and Talents for Business Sustainability

  • People development – develop the skills internally to ensure we can serve our customers far into the future
  • ERP – ensuring our business systems provide us the latest technology to gain insights into our performance and opportunities to build a resilient future
  • Technology – commitment to invest in technology to reduce energy usage, drive productivity and ensure a high-level of quality
  • Support the local economy with career and growth opportunities


manufacture 2030 memberMember of Manufacture 2030, a climate tech platform business that helps companies hit their carbon reduction targets.

  • Tracking CO2e reductions
  • Leverage project ideas for CO2e reductions
  • Global community to leverage and share ideas


“When it comes to manufacturing plants and processes, we need to balance the economic need for profitability, the environmental needs of the planet and the health and safety needs of the people.” Richard Howells and Sin To