4 Ways An Injection Mold Manufacturer Can Help Manage Costs

Value Added Plastics Manufacturing

The total delivered cost (TDC) seems like a relatively simple calculation; how much does it cost to bring your plastic product to market? But the specifics of what goes into determining that cost are varied and complex. Sometimes, raw materials are in abundance and purchasing them costs less than in prior years. At other times, warehousing or delivery costs go up and your TDC increases. Much of this variability comes down to market cycles and good old-fashioned supply and demand. But one area where businesses can exert some control over part of their TDC is by choosing the right injection mold manufacturer as a production partner.

An injection mold manufacturer can add value to different parts of the production process, helping to maximize resources and streamline the product process.

An experienced injection mold manufacturer will bring much more to the partnership than simply a production line. You should be able to count on them to:

Assist with the Design. The design phase affects every other phase that comes after it. getting the design right the first time, will minimize re-work and help control costs over the course of the project. It will help immensely if your injection mold manufacturer can help you with the design. The manufacturer’s engineers and designers can evaluate the project’s feasibility before you get too much invested into it. They can advise on plastic or polymer selection, make modifications before you get to the prototyping stage, and make sure the design will meet your desired outcomes and aligns with the facility’s production capabilities.

Recommend and Source Raw Materials. An injection mold manufacturer will have access to and knowledge of thousands of resins, plastics, and polymers. They can draw on this knowledge and past experience to recommend materials that would work best for your project. Chances are, they can also source those raw materials for you, often as a lower cost than if you did it yourself due to their relationships in the industry. This is a very efficient way to find the right materials for your project and budget.

Ensure Product Quality and Integrity. The earlier a manufacturer is involved in a project, the deeper their understanding of it. This can help streamline the overall production process since the manufacturer understands the client’s needs and desires, the project limitations, and the relationship between the design and the material selection. During production, they will know which parts of the production process could cause product quality issues and watch out for them. This helps ensure product quality and consistency across multiple runs, reducing the chances of defects or a recall down the road.

Improve Time to Market. An injection mold manufacturer that offers multiple services from design and prototyping to production and more will improve your time to market. Partnering with one manufacturer who can assist in multiple areas of a project eliminates middlemen and the inevitable back-and-forth, delays, and cost increases that result. A faster time to market can improve customer perception of your business and drive profit increases.

Baytech Plastics Is The Injection Mold Manufacturer To Help Manage Project Costs

If you are seeking ways to improve efficiencies, contact Baytech Plastics. We are a full-service injection mold manufacturer, able to assist with all aspects of your project from design and engineering to materials sourcing, production, warehousing, delivery, and more. We will work with you to identify inefficiencies and areas of potential improvement so you can bring your products to market with confidence and improved efficiency.

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