5 Advantages of Baytech’s Specialty Plastics Contract Manufacturing

Baytech Plastics is known for its specialty plastics contract manufacturing. Our services and capabilities extend beyond simply plastics manufacturing, however. These specialty services make Baytech the logical partner for all of your plastics manufacturing needs, eliminating the need to source and vet multiple partners to get your products on store shelves.

5 Reasons to Choose Baytech Plastics for Specialty Plastics Contract Manufacturing

By its very nature specialty plastics contract manufacturing calls for something different, something extra, something more. Any plastics manufacturer can produce plastic products to spec, but not all of them are qualified to produce specialty parts and not all of them actively work to make the process easier on you, their customers. Baytech can do both. We have consciously developed our business to streamline the plastics production process for our customers while also expanding our capabilities to become a niche specialty plastics contract manufacturer. Here are 5 specific advantages to working with Baytech over other plastics manufacturers.

  1. Design, Engineering, and Rapid Prototyping. Get your project off to a strong start with our pre-production services. Our engineers can help design, test, and prototype your product which saves time down the road and eliminates the risk of production errors. Work with the team that will be producing your products from the start for greater insights into production possibilities and limitations.
  1. Facilities and Equipment. Baytech Plastics operates two plastics manufacturing plants in Ontario, Canada. The Crown plant and the Heritage plant. Our facilities are NSF Certified and run in 3 shifts for 24/7 operations. Between the two plants, we have more than 30 machines available to meet our customer’s needs.
  1. Labor and Robotics. When you partner with Baytech you gain the expertise and knowledge of our entire team. Our facilities staff are constantly being trained in the latest plastic injection molding tools and techniques and are even assisted by robotic operations in some cases. Computerized production control systems ensure production accuracy and quality.
  1. Secondary Operations. Save time and money with our secondary operations. This includes painting, finishing, and assembly. We can also handle logistics, warehousing, packaging, and delivery. There is no need to find another vendor or multiple vendors to complete these steps of the production process for you.
  1. Niche Capabilities. Baytech has broad experience in all types of plastics manufacturing. We have developed specialized operations to meet our customers’ needs in the traditional Consumer Goods market as well as in the areas of Medical Devices, Automotives, Telecommunications, and more.

Get More From Your Specialty Plastics Contract Manufacturing Partner at Baytech Plastics

If you have been looking for a “one-stop” solution to specialty plastics manufacturing, look no further than Baytech Plastics. We have been problem-solving, producing, and delivering plastic parts and components since 1946. Our customers value our turnkey approach and know they can rely on us for all of their plastics manufacturing needs because we are more than a service provider to them; we are a partner in their business success.

Learn more about how Baytech Plastics can help you by contacting us at (705) 526-7801 or online.