5 Benefits of Partnering With Baytech for Custom Plastic Components

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Projects that require custom plastic components can be challenging. Creating just the right piece every time is expensive and, in some cases, impossible without the right processes in place and support to back it up. Partnering with a plastics manufacturer is often the most affordable and reliable way to achieve the outputs needed.

Baytech Plastics has been fulfilling this partnership role for over 70 years. Our approach for creating custom plastic components often involves plastic injection molding. We recommend this process for custom plastics parts for several reasons, including its’ versatility, reliability, and efficiency. With just one mold, thousands of custom components can be made to the same quality standard, providing our client partners with the peace of mind that comes with knowing all of their parts will be identical.

5 Benefits of Injection Molding for Custom Plastic Components

Highly Efficient Process. Once a mold has been designed and approved, the injection molding process is actually very quick. Molds can be reused again and again. This makes it a good choice for projects that require a large number of custom plastic components. An upfront investment in the mold will pay off in terms of efficiency and volume of parts produced.

Complex Designs Are Not a Problem. Some plastic parts manufacturing processes yield very delicate pieces that break under pressure. This is not the case with injection molding. By its’ very nature, injection molding relies on high pressure to produce parts and components. This high pressure forces the plastic very tightly up against the mold. This strong force makes it possible to create very highly detailed and complex plastic parts, which can be difficult and expensive to create with other processes.

Stronger Parts. Injection molding allows for the use of fillers in the molds. These fillers can provide many different benefits depending on what type of filler is used. It’s very common for our partner clients to select fillers that enhance the strength of the plastic part to make the piece more durable.

Multiple Types of Plastic Can be Used at the Same Time. Co-injection molders allow us to use two different types of plastics at the same time with the same mold. This has several advantages from allowing the product to be made with different two colors to allowing a stronger plastic to be used for the base or core of the structure and a different plastic or polymer to be used for the skin or outer surface.

Automation Benefits. Automation is at the heart of Baytech’s plastic injection molding services. Our automated processes eliminate waste, maximize production, and boost efficiency, all of which reduce the project’s overhead costs, which we can then pass on to our client partners. Automation is particularly beneficial for the production of custom plastic components because it is highly precise and accurate, leaving no room for error thanks to Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM).

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