5 Questions To Ask When Sourcing Injection Molding Manufacturers

Sourcing an Injection Molding Partner

Partnering with injection molding manufacturers makes sound business sense, but only if you pick the right partner. Consider this: you’re choosing a business that will produce products that carry your brand’s name. If those products are of low-quality or the time to market is delayed it can have extensive repercussions for your brand.  

You need to pick a partner with the right technical and manufacturing capabilities as well as customer service skills that you need to feel confident about the project. Below, we share 5 questions to ask when interviewing injection molding manufacturers so you can make the best match.

5 Questions For Injection Molding Manufacturers

  • What industries do you work with? This is an important questions because different industries have different needs and types of manufactured products. For best results, you’ll want to partner with injection molding manufacturers who have experience supporting your industry. While you’re at it, don’t be afraid to ask about their staff’s qualifications, training, and expertise.
  • What are your production capabilities? Equally as important as industry experience is the production capabilities of the manufacturer. Before you invest too much time talking with a manufacturer, find out if they can even meet your production needs. What kind of computer files can they accept? Are they limited by the size of the components they can produce? Do they have the machinery needed to meet project needs at all stages? If you’re not sure what your needs are, see #3 below.
  • What in-house services do you offer? Some injection molding manufacturers are strictly in the production business. They don’t offer any value-added services like in-house design or engineering, prototyping, finishing, or fulfillment. These “extra” services can be invaluable in streamlining the entire process and helping you create a better product. They also allow you to hand off the entire project, or large pieces of it, freeing up your time for other business needs.
  • Where are parts produced? You know the story. A business agrees to partner with a local parts manufacturer only to find out the actual parts production is outsourced to another company or is completed overseas. Injection molding manufacturers who employ professionals to manage production on-site have better control over quality and are likely to be more accessible to you throughout the process. There’s less chance of miscommunication or getting into a blame game if troubles arise during the production process.
  • What is the cost? You always want to be sure that the injection molding manufacturer you choose is within your budget. Don’t be afraid to discuss costs early on. Higher prices can indicate better quality or more services, but maybe you don’t need all of those services. Or maybe you do. It is always helpful to have an idea of costs by doing a side-by-side comparison of your preferred injection molding manufacturers and their pricing structure so you can make an informed decision.

An More Questions? Baytech Plastics Has Answers!

Finding the right injection molding manufacturer takes time. Not only do you need a partner who has the physical capabilities to produce your components, ideally, you want a partner that you’ll enjoy working with too. Don’t be afraid to ask even more questions to find the right match.

Get started today by contacting Baytech Plastics. We bring over 70 years of full-service injection molding experience to every project and are proud to report that some of our partnerships go back decades!

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