5 Ways Baytech’s Full Service Injection Molding Eases Plastic Products Manufacturing

Complete Customer Solutions

Full service injection molding isn’t just a buzzword at Baytech Plastics. It’s a truly accurate assessment of the way we do business. Rather than simply fulfill orders, we prefer to enter into partnership relationships with our customers. This partnership approach eliminates many of the most common stumbling blocks to effective plastic parts production such as miscommunication and quality concerns. While these issues can be annoying at best, they can also cause expenses to rise and timelines to be pushed back. At worst, they can cause customers to pull the product entirely losing all the time and money they’ve invested in it.

That does not happen at Baytech Plastics. We are invested in your products as you and want to see them brought to market in a timely and affordable manner. Here are 5 ways that our full service injection molding services can support your business.

5 Benefits of Full Service Injection Molding

Complete Design and Engineering Support.

  • Right from the start, you’ll gain the expertise of our plastics engineers who will work with your internal team to perfect product design and identify ways to improve the product and/or manufacturing process. Take advantage of our 70 years of experience in plastics manufacturing to streamline processes, reduce costs, and ensure repeatability of the design. This service helps catch design issues before prototyping and sampling, which reduces the number of re-designs needed to get to the perfect product.

Secondary Processing.

  • Working with Baytech eliminates the need to find finishers for your products because we offer many secondary processing options! Tooling, painting, finishing, assembly, milling, welding, stamping, labelling, bonding, silk-screening…these are just some of the secondary processing options available to perfect your product. Our full-service offers you a one-stop source for complete plastic parts production!

Streamlined Communication.

  • Poor communication is one of the top reasons projects get off track or manufacturing relationships break down. By partnering with Baytech for full service injection molding services, you eliminate middlemen and communicate directly with us, your plastics manufacturer. There is no room for error when you have a dedicated Baytech account manager who is in constant contact with you throughout the process.

Top Quality Components.

  • As a Canadian manufacturer, we are dedicated to quality parts and components. It starts with high-quality resins and continues with over 30 molding machines so we can manufacture the best pieces for you in the best possible manner. Quick die change systems, in-house tooling, and secondary processes all help to streamline operations and ensure product quality from start to finish.

Complete Supply Chain Management.

  • Our full service approach eliminates the need to find secondary processors and finishers, packaging partners, assemblers, warehouse storage and delivery options. We literally do it all! Avoid the hassle of juggling different vendors and timelines and count on Baytech for it all.

Are You Ready To Experience Our Full Service Approach For Yourself?

If you are tired of wrangling multiple vendors to bring your products to market, give Baytech Plastics a call. We’re certain that once you experience our full service injection molding solutions for yourself, you’ll never look back.

Contact Baytech Plastics at (705) 526-7801 or online to discuss your needs and how our capabilities and services can help you.