6 Innovative Injection Molding Manufacturing Solutions Canada Businesses Can Expect at Baytech Plastics

Business leaders know that innovation is a must to remain competitive. Baytech Plastics knows this too. We have been delivering innovative injection molding manufacturing solutions in Canada for over 70 years. While there are many tried and true plastic injection molding techniques that will always remain a core component of our business, there is always room for new techniques and innovations. We want to share some of those innovations with you in this post.

6 Injection Molding Innovations at Baytech Plastics

Manufacturing industries are constantly evolving, often due to changes in consumer demand and expectations, technology, or process improvements. At Baytech Plastics, we’ve pursued innovation in our injection molding manufacturing solutions in Canada in all of these ways and more.

  1. Design and Engineering Improvements. Over the decades, we noticed that a lot of hang-ups and challenges in manufacturing a product could be traced back to the design and engineering stages. To remedy that, we offer in-house design and engineering services to all of our clients. This ensures that products are designed by experienced plastics manufacturing engineers for optimal manufacturability, reducing hiccups and speeding up the production process.
  2. Micro Molding. Microinjection molding is one of the hottest techniques on the market today. Micro molding is exactly what it sounds like, injection molding at a microscopic scale. This technique is most often used in the medical device industry and requires a heavy investment in robotics and exceptional quality controls.
  3. Eco-Conscious Materials. The increased use of eco-friendly materials is a good example of manufacturing changes made to meet consumer demands. Plastic injection molding already provided sustainability benefits through the ease of reclamation, melting, and re-use of scrap materials. Today, we still do this but also have injection materials that are non-plastic and plant-based for even less environmental impact.
  4. Equipment Upgrades. We are constantly upgrading and improving our manufacturing equipment to more efficient machines. The energy savings in this area can be substantial. A new machine will run much more quickly and efficiently than one that is just 5 years old.
  5. Robotics and Automation. We have been using robotics extensively in our plastic injection molding facilities for decades. Robotics and automation are so integral to our processes now that we hesitate to call them an innovation, but new technologies and techniques emerge all the time and we are constantly investing in these processes to improve our production capabilities.
  6. Local Networks. Baytech Plastics has a long list of trusted local vendors in our network. We use this network to obtain the best pricing on materials, reduce shipping costs, and improve product quality. Many of our resources are available right here in Canada, which protected our customers from most of the international supply chain headaches we witnessed in 2020 and 2021.

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As you research injection molders in Canada, we invite you to take a look at Baytech Plastics. At Baytech you will find a long-standing, trusted and established company that is committed to continuous improvement. We are always innovating and always improving for our own business and for our customers’ businesses.

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