6 Reasons To Choose Injection Molded Managed Programs

Plastics Injection Molding Managed Client Programs

Injection molded managed programs are the best way to ensure project success from start to finish. When an injection molding company, like Baytech Plastics, who offers these types of programs, you can expect a dedicated project manager throughout the project. Having one point of contact from concept to delivery streamlines the process, minimizes the risk of miscommunication and misunderstanding, and helps ensure products meet customer standards and expectations.

Benefits of Baytech Plastics’ Managed Programs

1. Professional Project Management. Our fully managed injection molding process takes the day-to-day oversight of the project off your hands and put it into the hands of experienced injection molding project engineers. Our project engineers handle all of the administrative tasks needed to produce a product and bring it to market.

2. Streamlined Communications. Say goodbye to the frustrations of communicating with multiple vendors and service providers: design and engineering, sourcing, logistics, molding, warehousing, etc. Your Baytech Project Engineer will handle all of that for you; the only person you need to communicate with is your dedicated account Project Engineer. This approach maximizes project efficiency and accuracy and eliminates misunderstandings.

3. Complete Supply Chain Management. One of the biggest benefits of our comprehensive approach is in supply chain management. We can assist you with procurement, sourcing, logistics, packaging, and delivery of your finished product. Just tell us what your idea is and we will use our own experience, skills, resources, and knowledge to bring it to market.

4. Comprehensive Project Consideration. Our Project Engineers aren’t focused solely on getting your components produced and out the door as quickly as possible. They work closely with you to ensure the products meet your budget and time constraints while still meeting regulatory requirements and quality expectations. If we recognize an opportunity to improve the process or product or to save costs, we’ll discuss it with you so you can maximize your investment.

5. Access to Specialists. It’s not unusual for our customers to require our help finalizing the design of their product, sourcing the best resin or polymer for the part, or putting the finishing touches on a product with screen-printing or other finishing services. Specialty services like this are not a problem for us; they are simply part of our injection molded managed programs. We rely on both in-house experts and longstanding business relationships with specialists to bring our customers projects together.

6. Quality Control. Strong oversight of projects and close communication with our customers translates to effective quality control on every run. Our Project Engineers are skilled at coordinating project objectives and customer expectations with manufacturing capabilities to deliver optimum results, every time.

Baytech Plastics Offers A Partnership You Can Trust

Getting new products to market is no easy task. Let Baytech Plastics help. Our injection molded managed programs make your job easier by partnering you with experts in the injection molding field. We can handle your project needs from start to finish with as little or as much involvement from your team as you require. We have been injection molding experts in Canada for over 70 years and bring every year of that experience to bear on every project.

Learn more about our services and capabilities by calling (705) 526-7801 or contacting us online. We are eager to hear all about your injection molding needs!