7 Questions to Ask Your North American Contract Injection Molding Manufacturer

Selecting a North American contract injection molding manufacturer can be an overwhelming job. There are hundreds of plastic manufacturers to choose from. Where do you start? How about with our list of 7 questions to ask the companies on your shortlist?

Questions for North American Contract Injection Molding Manufacturers

  1. “What is your experience with our industry?” Does the manufacturer have experience working with other companies in your specific industry? While some work and services are transferrable across industries, having insider knowledge of your industry can streamline the process. Knowledgeable manufacturers may even be able to brainstorm improvements and design tweaks that give you an edge over the competition.
  1. “Do you have the capabilities to produce our product?” This seems like a nonsensical question. Of course, a North American contract injection molding manufacturer can make your products. Right? Maybe. Maybe not. Every manufacturer is different with different capabilities and equipment. One important point of comparison is the size of the presses; smaller presses produce smaller parts and larger presses produce larger parts.
  1. “Do you provide prototyping?” Too many businesses gloss over the prototyping process, assuming that computer technologies have accounted for every variable and therefore, why not save time and bypass prototypes? This is a mistake. There is no substitute for holding and handling a real, physical product in your hands. With the prevalence of 3D printing, this is a simple process that will allow you to determine if adjustments need to be made well before production begins.
  1. “Do you offer in-house tooling?” Tooling is vital to the injection molding process, but it is also time-consuming and expensive. In-house tooling reduces this cost and ensures the molds are designed specifically for the manufacturer’s equipment.
  1. “Do you have a clean room?” Cleanrooms are not necessary for every industry, but climate-controlled cleanrooms are essential for the safe production of injection-molded components for the medical device industry and extremely sensitive devices.
  1. “What kind of design and product development support do you provide?” The more services available under one roof, the better. Contract injection molding manufacturers who offer in-house design, engineering, and/or development services provide enormous value to their customers. These experts can catch small issues before they become problems, help you troubleshoot design flaws, and ensure the products are designed for optimal production.
  1. “What kind of certifications do you have?” ISO certifications prove that a manufacturer is meeting regulatory requirements as well as customer expectations. FDA or Clean Room Certified are two more examples of popular certifications. If there are certifications specific to your industry, find a manufacturer who meets them too. Even if your project does not require these standards or certifications, working with a manufacturer has them provides additional quality assurance.

Other Considerations

Beyond asking questions of a North American contract injection molding manufacturer, you can do your own research. Look at reviews and testimonials, visit their website, and ask for referrals to find out how they treat their customers and what their product quality and pricing are like. Pay attention to how you a treated during your conversations and interactions with the manufacturer. Do they get back to you quickly? Do they answer your questions or dance around them? How you are treated as a prospective customer is a good indication of how you will be treated as a customer.

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