Advantages Of Outsourcing Your Injection Molding

Business Efficiencies

Injection molding holds such broad appeal because it is so versatile, useful for producing components for just about any market, often at lower cost and greater efficiency than other methods. That does not mean it is a process that can be easily accomplished in house. Injection molding is also cost-intensive, finicky, and consistent results require experience and troubleshooting know-how. A deeper look often reveals that the advantages of outsourcing your injection molding make too much business sense to ignore.

Top Advantages of Outsourcing Your Injection Molding

In any situation, outsourced operations should lead to a decrease in the relevant workload in-house. Ideally, it will also result in the more skilled provider handling the necessary work and it should be mutually beneficial from a financial standpoint. Outsourced injection molding fits this bill perfectly by offering:

  • Cost savings
  • Enhanced quality
  • End-to-end production support

Cost savings are realized in several ways. To begin with, outsourcing your injection molding needs means you have zero equipment costs, zero equipment operator cots, and zero equipment maintenance costs. Equipment goes far beyond the actual injection molding machines and dies. It also includes QA tools and equipment, packaging equipment, and software to create and communicate designs. Another area of cost savings that is often overlooked is in economies of scale. An injection molding provider is far more likely to be able to secure better terms for raw materials and shipping than an individual company could on its own, plus all of those equipment, personnel and maintenance costs are spread out among all of the injection molders customers. If these functions were taken in-house, you’d be paying the full cost of everything by yourself. 

Enhanced quality is all but guaranteed when you’re working with a specialist company that does injection molding all day, every day. Expertise and experience is not something you can buy, but rather develops over time. The end result is better quality products and more effective troubleshooting when problems crop up. There is an art and a science to injection molding and it takes years to perfect the balance. Much of that expertise is gained through specialty certifications, training, and tools that would be difficult to invest in if injection molding wasn’t your primary business.

End-to-end production support directly relates to the two benefits mentions above and plays a critical role in the ultimate success of a project. Production support can mean anything from answering questions that crop up related to concepting, design, engineering, prototyping, production, QA, fulfillment and more. At Baytech Plastics you’ll also gain a project manager who will be your single point-of-contact throughout the project. These managers are skilled facilitators who keep projects on time and on budget with minimal frustrations for you.

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Injection molding manufacturers like Baytech Plastics make it look easy, but that appearance of ease has been earned through years of investment in equipment, skilled staff, and technology.

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