Are You Getting All You Can From Your Manufacturing Engineering Services Partner?

Plastics In-House Engineering Capabilities

Most manufacturers get components and assemblies from a variety of vendors. It’s not cost-effective to produce these items in-house. However, your vendors don’t have to be just glorified warehouses that provide pieces of your products. A full-featured manufacturing engineering services partner offers not just manufacturing but also engineering design and support.

Manufacturing and Engineering Services

Obviously your first concern with manufacturing engineering services is their ability to manufacture. You need to be sure the company has the capacity to handle your production needs, including the ability to scale up as your company grows. They need to be employing the latest technology along with highly qualified personnel to maintain production in the face of any challenges so you know you have a reliable component stream.

Don’t forget about quality. This can be reflected in certifications such as ISO 9001, but also in their ability to communicate clearly with you and their commitment to keeping you happy. You want to know that the components received will meet your standards the first time and not need to be remanufactured. If you need to make changes, they should accommodate you quickly and courteously.


You have a great idea but aren’t sure how to implement it. Or you have an existing design but need to modify it to meet changing consumer needs. Unfortunately, you can’t afford the in-house staff needed to draw up those designs. Comprehensive manufacturing engineering services give you access to experienced component engineers who can handle those changes and provide a better product.

Design experts may also be able to help you do what you do better. Just because you’ve followed a design for years doesn’t mean it’s the best way to manufacture. Their engineers can suggest optimizations or best practices that could save money, shorten manufacturing time or improve the quality of the components. A broad experience with multiple market sectors can give you access to innovations you might never have found if you look only in your own industry.


Your relationship with a basic component manufacturer is you say, “Make this,” and they make it. However, sometimes you need help. You know where you want to be but aren’t sure how to get there. A manufacturing engineering services company helps you find the way to reach your goals. They can help you with aspects of new and existing products that fall outside of basic production, assisting with everything from the initial design to the final product launch.

Engineering support provides an ongoing relationship over the life of your project. As your needs change, they can help you understand how that will affect production and budget and other aspects of your company. They offer a level of expertise you simply can’t afford to hire within your own organization.

Baytech Plastics is more than simply a high quality plastic components and assemblies producer. We offer a full range of manufacturing engineering services so you can get your product designed, built and to market faster and cheaper than before. Contact us for more information on how we can help your organization.