Ask Your Manufacturer Of Plastic Outdoor Products About Using Recycled Plastic On Your Next Project

Plastic Outdoor Products Manufacturer

As a manufacturer of plastic outdoor products, we can report that demand for sustainably produced, durable, outdoor products continues to remain high. Plastic products meet all of those criteria and more. Part of the allure of plastic outdoor products is that they are easy-care, requiring little in terms of maintenance, weather-resistant, even in harsh Canada winters, and are available in many colors and styles. Even better, recycled plastic carries all of these same benefits and more.

If the sustainability, recyclability, and the ecological impact of your outdoor products is vital to you, talk to Baytech Plastics about using recycled plastics in your next run.

Recycled Plastics Are Perfect For Outdoor Applications

Using recycled plastics in the manufacture of outdoor products makes perfect sense. Not only is it great PR (it’s a prime example of “reduce, reuse, recycle”), it’s also practical. Recycled plastic outdoor products are just as tough, weather-resistant, maintenance-free as plastic products that are made from fresh plastic. They can also be produced in different colors, styles, and sizes for optimum versatility. Recycled plastic products are a smart investment that will pay off with years of longevity.

Injection Molding and Recycled Plastics

The injection molding process used at Baytech Plastics uses plastic resins and polymers to produce outdoor products like compost bins, bear-proof containers, trash cans, wood-look planks, benches, chairs, tables, playground equipment, and more. What many people don’t realize is that many of the resins and polymers we use contain recycled plastic. As part of our company-wide green initiatives, we have made a concerted effort in recent years to source recycled or repurposed materials for use in the products we manufacture.

Even the injection-molding process itself is environmentally-friendly; any of the small plastic beads that are not used in a run can be saved and used in a future run, and any products that come off the line damaged or imperfect, can just be melted down and used again! This makes plastic almost endlessly reusable, in the right hands.

Canada’s Trusted Manufacturer of Plastic Outdoor Products

If using recycled materials in your products is essential to you, contact Baytech Plastics to discuss your project. We have been a top Canadian manufacturer of plastic outdoor products for over 40 years and have extensive experience with high-volume runs, assembly, and customized outdoor products.

We can also help you perfect your design for function and durability. Our engineers and designers can help you troubleshoot problems and refine your design for use with recycled plastic materials, and our extensive list of worldwide sourcing contacts ensures we will find the right material for your outdoor product. Producing outdoor products made from recycled materials is a smart financial and marketing choice; the products are durable and long-lasting, and the optics of using recycled materials to produce outdoor products promotes credibility.

Contact Baytech Plastics at (705) 526-7801 or online to discuss your outdoor product needs and learn more about our capabilities.