Automotive OEMs And Tier 1 Suppliers Trust Baytech Plastics Premium Plastic Electronic Enclosures

Electronic Enclosures Manufacturer

Baytech Plastics has earned a reputation of excellence among automotive manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers. This reputation is built on decades of reliable performance, and a dedication to continually upgrading our manufacturing facilities and processes, and engineering capabilities. Today, Baytech operates two manufacturing facilities running state-of-the-art equipment, 24 hours a day. When it comes to plastic electronic enclosures, Baytech has the capability to meet your manufacturing demands ongoingly. We support our OEM and Tier 1 partners in Atlanta and around the world in every phase from concept to finishing.

  • Quality Control – We use an ISO-9001:200S-registered quality system to ensure that each and every part we ship is free from defects and ready for dependable service. Our Quality Control system includes Poka-Yoke mistake-proofing, automated vision systems to continually monitor the manufacturing process, Kaizen lean manufacturing and incremental improvement techniques, along with internal audits, failure mode and effects analysis, and mock recalls to ensure that every stage of our process operates efficiently and flawlessly.
  • Design Services – We provide our OEM and Tier 1 partners with superior value through our engineering services. Our engineers are continually developing new strategies for reducing waste and costs, recycling materials without compromising quality, consolidating and reducing parts, and innovating assembly techniques. Our advanced product design capabilities allow us to contribute significantly to the success of our partners.
  • Specialty Manufacturing – At every stage from CAD design and layout verification to mold construction and resin selection, our design team has the tools and knowledge to design and produce specialized parts for your applications. With rapid prototyping, we’ll quickly have a part in your hands for evaluation and approval. We take the best practices from a cross section of many manufacturing types, so our processes are as flexible as they are efficient and accurate.

Baytech Offers Premium Support And Products

Baytech Plastics offers comprehensive services from design to manufacturing and distribution to all of its automotive partners in Atlanta and beyond. Contact us by phone at 705-526-7801 or email to request a quote and additional information on how Baytech can help streamline your supply line.