Automotive Plastics Parts Manufacturing Helps Automakers Meet Consumer Demands

Automotive Plastics Manufacturing

The trend towards smaller, more lightweight, and fuel-efficient vehicles has increased demand for quality automotive plastics parts manufacturing services such as those offered by Baytech Plastics. The increased demand can be attributed to many things from government safety and fuel-efficiency regulations, to consumer demands, to the cost of raw materials, and the complexity of the plastic components. Here’s a look at several areas where plastics parts manufacturing is supporting the automotive industry.

Applications For Automotive Plastics

  • Infotainment Centers.

    Vehicles aren’t exempt from today’s interconnected world. Consumers expect infotainments centers that will keep them safe, comfortable, and entertained on the road. Plastics components make these infotainment centers possible without adding bulk or weight to the vehicle. The more tech-friendly a brand is, the more attractive it becomes to connected consumers.

  • Weight and Fuel Efficiency.

    It’s a basic fact of science, lighter cars are easier to move, thus requiring less fuel. Plastic components can help reduce the overall weight of a vehicle without sacrificing style or comfort. New polymers can even boost aerodynamics and reduce manufacturing costs, making automotive plastics parts manufacturing cost effective and fuel efficient.

  • Safety

    Vehicles have become safer over the years, thanks in part to an increase in the use of plastics and polymers that “give.” New and continued applications for plastic safety components are a key area of growth in automotive plastics parts manufacturing.

  • Concepts and Design.

    Plastic components allow for quick 3D printing and rapid prototyping of concepts and design changes. Prototyping mimics production, providing manufacturers with a glimpse of what to expect when the time comes for full production via plastics parts manufacturing.

  • Parts Big and Small

    . In the past, plastic parts were limited to vehicle interiors and small components, like knobs and electronic components, but there’s a trend towards using plastic molding to create larger components. Today, plastic consoles, dashboards, and more are made using plastic molds. Who’s to say what we’ll see in the future?

Automotive Plastics Parts Manufacturing At Baytech

As automotive designs adapt and evolve to changing demands and growing technologies, manufacturers are increasingly looking to automotive plastics parts manufacturing to meet their needs. The ability of the plastics manufacturer to provide concept to completion service will help automakers control costs, streamline manufacturing, and identify design or production holdups.

Baytech Plastics specializes in both simple and complex Tier 2 and after-market automotive plastics parts manufacturing and is fully EDI compliant. Our full-service automotive manufacturing division helps automakers bring their latest concepts to reality, improve safety and performance, and streamline operations for cost-effective production in the following areas:

  • Exteriors
  • Interiors
  • Underhood
  • Plateable
  • Paint Grade
  • Glass Filled Materials

For more than 70 years, Baytech has been providing plastics contract manufacturing for industries around the world. We have helped the automotive industry keep pace with changing demands and regulations without sacrificing quality and we’ll continue to do so.

Learn more about Baytech Plastics’ automotive plastics parts manufacturing services and how we can help your business thrive by calling (705) 526-7801 or visiting to learn more about our automotive services and capabilities.