Automotive Tier 2

Automotive Quick Seamless transfers:


During the height of the 2008/2009 recession, one of our major Automotive customers phoned Baytech because another one of their suppliers was found to be in financial trouble. They had to move their molds out as fast as possible in order not to disrupt supply to the OEM. The problem was they didn’t know when the molds could be moved out. Therefore, Baytech had to be on stand by 24-7 so that when they had authorization to move we were ready for the molds to go straight into production.

The Opportunity

The opportunity for Baytech was to high light our capabilities in executing very complex tooling transfer in a very short amount of time. Baytech’s goal was to support our Customer’s very tight schedule and to be in production immediately.

The Solution

When the molds finally arrived, they were in poor condition, and they didn’t look anywhere close to the data that was available. Our team of Engineers and tool makers had to quickly retro fit and repair these molds so that we can fit them into our machines and start molding acceptable parts and get through a level 3 PPAP.

All auxiliary equipment like de-gating fixtures and End of Arm tooling was not transferred because the ownership of these equipments was unknown. Once again, we had to quickly “build or modify” existing in house equipment to use on these programs.

The Result

Despite all the challenges that came in with the tools within 24 hours of the transfer we were in full production, and the amount of work that the entire team had to do to pull this seamless transfer was totally invisible to the OEM.