Baytech Has Been a Premium Plastic Component Manufacturer in Ontario Since 1946

Did you know that Baytech Plastics has a long history in plastics manufacturing? We have been a premium plastic component manufacturer in Ontario since 1946. During those years we have seen enormous changes in the industry – from manufacturing techniques and raw materials to the types of products produced. Through all of the changes, we’ve kept pace and even led the changes in some cases.

Creating Solutions

We’re not just in the business of plastics manufacturing. We’re also in the business of creating solutions. Our solutions start with listening to our customers and what they need from their plastics manufacturer. We believe in a partnership approach where we harness our industry knowledge, production expertise, and technology solutions to help our customers develop new products and improve existing products.

As a premium plastic component manufacturer in Ontario, Baytech Plastics can offer concept-to-completion service and support to our customers. Our customers rely on us for everything from design and prototyping to production, finishing and assembly, and even warehousing and logistics. It is our commitment to helping our customers that has pushed us to innovate, adopt the latest technologies, and always ask how we can do more.

Embracing Change

Our solutions aren’t limited to plastics manufacturing. We have also led the way, driving change and innovation in our industry’s approach to efficiency and the environment. Over the years, we have invested in new technologies that reduce waste, recycle, repurpose, and reuse materials, take advantage of Canada’s naturally cool air to cool materials, and reduce our carbon footprint. The fact that we are located in Ontario helps reduce our customers’ carbon footprints too, by keeping plastics manufacturing close to home. This reduces our customers’ shipping costs along with reducing the environmental impact that overseas production can have.

Driving Innovation

The Baytech vision is to be a trusted partner with innovative solutions. Our mission is to embrace the changing needs of our customers, diversify and integrate the best practices of customer markets, produce quality components and assemblies at competitive prices and promote an open, learning culture.

The way we see it, we can’t do any of these things without also driving innovation in the industry. We embraced the use of robotics in plastics manufacturing before it became mainstream. Today, our employees work side-by-side with robotic solutions to improve productivity and accuracy. Our facilities have been upgraded to accommodate highly sensitive production such as that needed for medical devices.

Baytech Plastics is the Premium Plastic Component Manufacturer in Ontario

There is very little Baytech Plastics can’t do. Our continual investment in technology and skills training allows us to meet our customers’ current needs and is the reason why we are considered a premium plastic component manufacturer in Ontario. Our expertise in program management and customer services ensures we are aware of our customers’ changing needs so that we can continue to adapt and adopt new approaches and technologies and explore new materials to meet our customers’ future needs as well.

Learn more about our services and capabilities or discuss your next project with Baytech Plastics by calling (705) 526-7801 or contacting us online.