Baytech Is Your Best Choice For Diverse Plastic Injection Manufacturers in Ontario

How diverse are the capabilities of your plastic injection molding partner? Diversity in injection molding is an important consideration that can improve your production experience. Baytech Plastics is proud to be one of the most diverse plastic injection molders in Ontario, thanks to our unending commitment to continuous process improvement.

Since our beginnings in 1946, we have always worked to improve our capacity and expand our abilities in order to provide the injection molding services that our customers needed at the time. Today, the results of that thought process and investment can be seen in the sheer diversity of clients we support and the products we manufacture, not to mention the secondary services we offer.

The Benefits of Diversity in Injection Molding

A glimpse at the markets we serve is a good example of how we have become one of the most diverse plastic injection manufacturers in Ontario. From toys and consumer goods to aerospace, automotive, and medical devices, we have obtained a wealth of information and experience designing, developing, and delivering plastic injection molded solutions for our customers.

One of the most important parts of obtaining this knowledge has been how we are able to use that knowledge across markets to improve processes and provide solutions for our customers. Just because we had to employ a specialty technique to develop a medical device solution doesn’t mean that technique wouldn’t be effective in consumer goods or electronics. We use what we learn during all of our projects to improve the experience for all of our customers.

Diverse Equipment Supports Diverse Services

Diversity of experience and the application of that experience across markets and across customers is just one example of diversity in plastic injection molding. Another example of how Baytech has been able to become one of the most diverse plastic injection manufacturers in Ontario comes down to our processing techniques and equipment. We currently have more than 30 molding machines with a capacity ranging from 40 to 2600 tons and covering a range of different processing techniques. Some of our processing techniques are:

  • gas-assist
  • small machine
  • large machine
  • structural foam
  • thermoplastic
  • insert molding
  • overmolding
  • ultrasonic welding
  • heat stake
  • chemical bonding

Having that many machines available and taking into account their different capabilities means we are able to tackle many diverse types of projects and product needs. Our customers benefit from this diversity in production capabilities because they know they can turn to Baytech Plastics for nearly any plastic injection molding need. They know they will receive the same support and service they have come to expect from us, regardless of what their specific project needs are at any given time. This knowledge provides reassurance that Baytech Plastics can and will deliver on their project.

Work With One of the Most Diverse Plastic Injection Manufacturers in Ontario

After more than 70 years in the injection molding industry, we have acquired a wealth of knowledge that we are ready to put to use on your project. How can Baytech Plastics help you? Let’s find out! Contact us

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