Baytech Is Your Electric Vehicle Plastic Parts Contract Manufacturer in Ontario

Plastic injection molding has a long history in the automotive industry, having helped reduce vehicle weights, improve fuel efficiencies, and enhance aesthetics. The expanding market for electric vehicles is only reinforcing the need for plastic injection molding in this industry. Baytech Plastics is proud to continue to provide that support as a trusted electric vehicle plastic parts contract manufacturer in Ontario.

5 Ways Plastic Injection Molding Supports Electric Vehicle Production

Plastic injection molded parts have replaced metal parts in many vehicle applications. This trend has been happening for many years as auto manufacturers sought ways to rein in costs, improve fuel efficiencies, and make safety improvements. All of these factors and more support the use of plastic injection molded parts in electric vehicles. Here are five ways that partnering with an electric vehicle plastic parts contract manufacturer in Ontario improves electric vehicles:

  1. Weight Reductions. Automakers have been replacing metal components with plastic parts for decades as a way to reduce the weight of their vehicles. This is even more important for electric vehicles as manufacturers seek ways to extend the vehicle’s battery range and efficiency. Every pound matters and a lower weight equates to a longer range and more efficient battery operation.
  1. Cost Savings. Metal is more expensive than plastic. The raw materials cost more, the tooling is more complex, and secondary finishing operations are almost always needed. Working with metal is simply more time-consuming and expensive than working with plastic resins. Replacing metal parts with plastic injection molded parts saves time and money during production which helps contain costs for both the auto manufacturer and the end consumer. In addition to costing less to produce, lighter-weight vehicles also cost less to ship, saving money on transport costs as well.
  1. Strength and Safety. Plastic resins have varied and unique characteristics that can be engineered to meet specific criteria in ways that metal cannot. Quality thermoplastics can be used to add tensile strength, heat resistance/insulation, impact absorption/resistance, scratch resistance, antibacterial and odor resistance. Another advantage that perhaps means more to the electric vehicle market than most is the fact that engineered resins can be made from renewable and recycled materials upping the green factor of electric vehicles.
  1. Noise Reduction. Plastic is an insulating material that can help reduce road noise inside a vehicle. These plastic parts can then be over-molded with soft-touch interiors for added comfort and aesthetics.
  1. Plastics provide exceptional versatility in electric vehicle engineering and design. They can be used to improve safety, looks, function, and foundational elements, all while controlling costs and advancing the industry.

Learn More From Baytech Plastics, an Electric Vehicle Plastic Parts Contract Manufacturer In Ontario

If you need an electric vehicle plastic parts contract manufacturer in Ontario, contact Baytech Plastics. We have a long history as a plastic parts manufacturer for the automotive industry. Our collaborative approach has helped our customers meet changing consumer demands and comply with industry regulations. As the industry further transitions into electric vehicles, we are ready, willing, and capable of providing the high-quality plastic injection molded automotive parts needed to remain competitive.

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