Baytech Plastics’ Engineering And Design Approach Is One Of Continuous Improvement

Baytech Plastics Is Focused on Continuous Improvements

Businesses throughout Canada and all across the world rely on Baytech Plastics for plastics engineering and design services. Our reputation as a top plastics manufacturer spans more than 70 years and can be attributed to our dedication to product excellence and commitment to the customer experience. Of course, times and technology have changed quite a bit since 1946, and we have embraced those changes always with a focus on continuous improvement. 

Best Practices Evolve Over Time

Our philosophy has always been to be the best plastics engineering and design manufacturer that we can be. That meant from the very start of our business, we would commit to being open-minded and accepting of new ideas and new ways of doing business and would adopt a “can do” attitude. We soon learned that there was a term for this best practices approach: Kaizen.

Kaizen is a Japanese strategy of continuous improvement or “change for the better.” More than just a production strategy, Kaizen applies to all areas of a company. The expectation is that employees at all levels and in all departments work together as a team to drive business improvements proactively and incrementally by capitalizing on the many and various talents and expertise found among staff members.

This approach is as much about taking specific actions to generate desired outcomes as it is about embedding the concept of continuous improvement in the company philosophy. At Baytech Plastics, Kaizen is recognizable in the way we manage projects. All projects are team-based, and relationships with customers function more like a partnership than anything else. Together, the customers’ internal team and the Baytech Plastics’ engineering and design professionals design, develop and produce products to bring them to market in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible.

Always Advancing, Always Improving Plastics Engineering and Design

Our dedication to continuous improvement can be seen in everything we do and in all of the services we offer. Examples of the Kaizen approach in action at Baytech Plastics include:

  • Our adoption of best practices across market sectors, including automotive, electronics, and consumer white goods.
  • Strategic alliances that leverage partner core competencies to reduce costs, mitigate risk, and achieve goals.
  • Early adoption of robotics manufacturing and green initiatives.
  • Wide array of in-house capabilities including secondary processes and finishing.
  • Continuous investment in new technologies.
  • Opportunities for employees to improve, upgrade, and learn new skills.
  • Dedicated program management professionals on every project.

We are strong advocates of this “change for the better” approach because we’ve seen it work. Due to this open-minded approach, over the years, we have been able to improve quality control, use equipment more efficiently, advance our employees’ knowledge and training, reduce waste, and streamline design and production work.

Now, this approach is embedded in our culture, and the entire team at Baytech Plastics routinely looks for ways to improve our processes now and for the future. Our customers have reaped the benefits of this approach, experiencing a truly interactive plastic engineering and design manufacturing partnership that takes advantage of the most current technologies and modern methods to achieve production goals.

Are you struggling with your current plastics manufacturing partner or feel like there must be a better way of doing things? Contact Baytech Plastics. We are always available to discuss your project needs. Call (705) 526-7801 or contact us online to get started.