Baytech Plastics: More Than Just Custom Injection Moulding

Plastic Components and Assemblies Manufacturer

Custom injection moulding has revolutionised the production of plastic components. This has affected many different industries, including automotive, electronic, and medical. When you are in need of custom injection moulding and you are deciding which producer to use, it is important that you understand that not all plastic component producers are created equal. Baytech Plastics is a North American producer of plastic components and assemblies that stands out above the rest.

Custom Injection Moulding Services

Baytech Plastics has been in the custom injection moulding business since 1946, when they started small by moulding shoe soles and toys. Since then, Baytech has grown into a two plant, multi-million dollar company with hundreds of employees.

Baytech has plastic custom injection moulding equipment with capabilities of up to 2600 Tons of clamping force. Baytech’s custom injection moulding services and designs are comprised of two shot injection moulding. They develop various polymers, ranging from commodity quality to the more elite engineering resins for the strongest and sturdiest applications. They also offer injection and compression thermoset moulding.

Baytech Plastics has been ISO 9000 registered for 20 years and is presently ISO 9002-2000 registered, attesting to their leadership in the industry. They were one of the original custom injection moulders in Canada to accomplish this designation.

Many industry specialists work at Baytech Plastics, continuing the development and innovation of custom injection moulding, two shot injection moulding services, and injection mould manufacturers. Baytech Plastics is also on the forefront of metal to plastics conversion for a variety of industries.

Baytech Plastics meets the needs of many different industries, such as business machines, telecommunications , automotive, heavy vehicle, water purification, appliance, entertainment, container lawn and garden, electrical, and transportation.

Another advantage to Baytech Plastics’ custom injection moulding services is that they ship around the globe. They have a team whose sole purpose is to handle the paperwork for RoHS, International customs, and shipment tracking. Their team also oversees all direct deliveries to their client’s end user, ensuring that everything arrives as scheduled. Baytech Plastics is also equipped for unique needs and requests, including hub warehousing and localised logistics. They even dispatch special requests in the most timely and efficient manner, whether it is by plane, boat, train, or car.

Baytech Plastics has a reputation for innovation, leadership, quality, consistency, elasticity, engineering, and customer service.

Additional Services

Although Baytech Plastics is on the forefront of custom injection moulding, that is not all there is to them. Baytech isn’t just capable of producing a design that you bring them, but they are actually capable of helping you engineer the component that you need. That is the beauty of Baytech Plastics. You can come to them during any step of the process, whether you already have a prototype or whether you are starting from scratch. Their team of experts will provide you with valuable support and the highest level of customer service. They also offer wide-ranging services in secondary value added operations such as pad printing, sonic welding, modular assembly, painting, heat transfers, and vibration welding.

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