Baytech Plastics: Ready To Meet Upcoming Injection Molded Packaging Demands

Demand in the packaging industry is forecast to increase over the next five years and with this it is expected the plastics injection molding market will find growth opportunities. As supply chains get re-established post-COVID-19 and consumer spending increases, product manufacturers will need durable and reliable plastic products and plastic packaging to get their goods to market.

The Versatility of Plastic

Plastics touch nearly every aspect of our modern lives. We see, touch, and use plastic products every day, without a second thought. Plastic is found in our tech devices, in food storage, in toys, at home and work environments, in cars, and much more. Plastic can be used in so many ways and by multiple different industries because it is such an incredibly versatile material. This versatility extends to production methods as well. There are many different plastic production methods that can be employed to create custom plastic components such as injection molding, thermomoulding, or even blowing.

Plastic Packaging Meets Multiple Requirements

As mentioned above, one of the largest areas of anticipated demand for plastics is expected to be plastic packaging. Packaging is vital to the viability of the finished product. In some cases, packaging protects products from damage during transit or while sitting on store shelves. In other cases, the packaging is used to protect food from spoiling or contamination. Plastic is the ideal material for packaging for many reasons beyond its production versatility, such as:

  • Resilience and Safety. Unlike glass, plastic will not break if it is accidentally dropped or handled without care. Plastic packaging protects products inside by reducing the risk of breakage during transport or while sitting in a storeroom or on store shelves. 
  • Sanitation and Hygiene. It is vital for some products to remain sterile from production completion to product opening. Both the food and medical industries, for example, rely on plastics to protect products from contamination.
  • Lightweight Characteristics. Compared to glass or metal, plastic weighs far less, which translates into real cost savings. For instance, lighter weight packaging means lighter transportation loads, which can save on fuel costs and reduce emissions. Plastic is also generally thinner than comparable glass or metal packing, which saves space.
  • Durability.  Part of the reason why plastic packaging can be made so thin and remain effective is because the material is incredibly durable, able to withstand enormous strain and stress during production. This kind of durability also ensures packaging won’t break down before it gets to the end consumer.
  • Versatility. There’s that word again. Unlike many other materials, plastic can be manipulated into many different shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. It can be hard or soft, molded or free formed, vacuum-sealed or sealed manually, colored or not, opaque or clear. The use of injection molding to create custom plastic components is a particularly effective and affordable plastics manufacturing solution.
  • Eco-Friendly. Plastic has a reputation for being hard on the environment because it is so durable and does not break down naturally, but today, many plastics can be recycled, and the list grows every year. Now, even plastic packaging can be recycled, which was not always the case. Add to this the lower weight and thinner thicknesses of plastic packaging that reduces the impact of transporting the products and plastic becomes even more attractive as an eco-friendly choice.

Count on Baytech Plastics for Custom Plastic Components

Manufacturing custom plastic components is what we do at Baytech Plastics. We work with businesses right here in Canada and around the world to create custom solutions for a wide range of industries, including medical device, automotive, consumer goods, and more. Our full-service solutions and global logistics capabilities mean we can do more than just manufacture components for you. We can handle all of your project needs from start to finish as one simple, turnkey solution.

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