Baytech Plastics’ Specialty Injection Molding Capabilities Provide All The Support You Need

Any injection molding manufacturer will be able to produce your products, but they can’t all provide the same type of service as Baytech Plastics. Baytech Plastics’ specialty injection molding capabilities extend well beyond plastic parts manufacturing to ensure your injection molded products, parts, and components are exactly to spec, every time, on every run.

Our specialty services help make this possible by providing you with all of the incidental service and support that is needed to ensure production satisfaction.

Specialty Services Provide Behind the Scenes Support

When consumers look at a plastic product, all they see is the final result. But business owners behind the products know that there is a lot of time, work, and effort invested in getting each product absolutely perfect before it is made available to consumers.

These specialty services can include any work that needs to be done at any stage of the design, production, finishing, or distribution process. Product design and engineering is one example of an early step that must be completed well before production can begin. Baytech Plastics provides engineering and design services to our customers who do not have those capabilities in-house. By stepping in to provide this service, we can make sure the final design and injection molds will be compatible and efficient on our machines.

We even work with customers who have engineers on-staff, but want to make sure that the product has the best design given the production plans. In those situations, our engineering team works closely with our customers’ own staff to finalize the product design, develop prototypes, and select resins and materials. We welcome team efforts and often utilize this approach to help our customers identify areas of product improvement or production efficiency.

Our CAD software includes:

  • Creo 3.0
  • 3D Tools Basic
  • 3D Tools Premium
  • Mechanical Desktop 2008
  • Mechanical Desktop 3
  • Solidworks Premium 2017

Specific Capabilities That Support Our Work

There are many, many different machines, programs, and solutions that are used in plastic injection molding today. Baytech has continuously invested in our production facilities and today operates two plants that together have more than 30 machines. Our capacity ranges from 40 to 2,600 tons. Additional capabilities include:

  • Plastic injection molding capabilities:
    • Gas-assisted
    • Small machine
    • Large machine
    • Structural foam
    • Thermoplastic methods
    • Insert molding
    • Overmolding
  • Finishing capabilities:
    • Spray painting
    • Offset printing
    • Heat staking
    • Ultrasonic welding
    • Chemical bonding
    • Silk-screening

We are also able to provide a variety of secondary finishing services including: milling, grinding, welding, polishing, and drilling to finalize your products right here in our Ontario injection molding facilities.

Our Specialty Injection Molding Capabilities Make Your Job Easier

Although these specialty services are never seen by the end consumer, they play a critical role in getting products to market and they are required of all production runs. The difference with Baytech is that you can receive all of those services under one roof instead of having to find a different partner for each step in the process. Our full-service approach means partnering with just one, proven injection molding manufacturer who can take your project from concept to completion.

Learn more about Baytech Plastics and our specialty injection molding capabilities by calling (705) 526-7801 or contacting us online.