Baytech Plastics: Your Full Service Consumer Goods Manufacturer

OEM Consumer Goods Manufacturing

For OEMs of consumer goods in Chicago, Baytech Plastics is a wise choice in partners for plastic components and assemblies. Baytech has earned solid reputation as a consumer goods manufacturer over decades of producing dependable, quality plastics. The manufacturing industry has evolved dramatically over those decades, and especially in the field of plastics; Baytech Plastics remains at the forefront of technology, economy, and reliable quality.

  • Specialty Processing – Baytech offers high-speed, multi-cavity stack molds and quick model changeover for efficient manufacturing of large quantity orders. Our design and engineering team is continually working on new processes to reduce and consolidate parts, and reduce costs by reducing waste, both by improving manufacturing accuracy and by sourcing green and recycled materials when possible.
  • Managed Logistics And Inventory – We offer our partners inventory management and logistics services in order to help them work at peak efficiency. Baytech will monitor your demand and stock, and make sure that when you need them, more components are ready and waiting at your facilities in Chicago and worldwide.
  • Quality Assurance – Both of Baytech Plastics’ manufacturing plants are ISO-9001 factories, and we also offer NSF-approved manufacturing. Our comprehensive quality control system includes automated assembly line inspection, Poka-Yoke mistake-proofing processes, Kaizen incremental improvement and lean processing techniques, and internal audits and analysis. We ensure total product traceability with our internal tracking system, and we test it regularly with mock recalls.
  • Custom Design And Engineering – Whether you want to design a product from a new concept or reverse engineer from an existing one, our design team will work with you to develop a prototype, and work with you on costing materials and production until we can produce the product you want at the price you need.

Baytech Plastics Brings Your Product To Life

For consumer goods OEMs in Chicago and worldwide, Baytech Plastics provides the best economy and quality available from a consumer goods manufacturer of custom plastic components. Contact us by phone at 705-526-7801 or email to learn how Baytech can help you bring your concepts to store shelves and how we can help your bottom line by producing your currents components more efficiently.