Baytech’s Innovative Plastics Manufacturing Solutions Turn Concepts Into Reality

Innovative Plastics Manufacturing

When it comes to innovative plastics manufacturing, Baytech Plastics has been a leader for over seven decades. During the course of that time, we’ve helped thousands of companies bring new and exciting consumer products to market. As consumer needs changed, so did our manufacturing processes. We transformed and progressed to keep pace with technology innovations, increasing the use of robotics and computer-aided design, while never sacrificing customer care and support. As new polymers were developed, we found ways to use them in our plastics manufacturing and as the green movement grew, we grew with it.

Today, Baytech Plastics utilizes the latest smart manufacturing principles to reduce waste, increase production, and maintain costs without ever sacrificing product quality or customer service. To us, innovative plastics manufacturing isn’t just about what products are produced, but is also about how they are produced and customer satisfaction.

We are constantly pushing the envelope, embracing the new concepts and ideas brought to us by our customers to problem solve and deliver new and innovative products to global markets.

Our Innovative Plastics Manufacturing Solutions

What does innovative plastics manufacturing look like at Baytech Plastics? Anything you want! It all starts with a conversation. What is your product idea? How can we help make it a reality? Where are your challenges? We’ll help you work through manufacturing needs at every step in the process: Concept, Design, Engineering, Prototyping, Plastics Selection, Production, Finishing, Warehousing, and even Delivery!

Our services go far beyond traditional plastics manufacturing services which just focus on production. What are some of the innovative solutions that we offer? Take a look:
  • We offer complete assembly of products, including retail packaging!
  • Specific retailer packaging can be designed to include barcodes and RFID tags.
  • Colored Packaging. Need different colored packages for different components? No problem!
  • Custom Paint and Finishing. Our in-house finishing options like custom paint colors save you from having to finish products yourself or find another service provider to do so, saving you time and money.
  • Manufactured products need to get to market, right? We can package products and deliver them to specified retail locations.
  • Rather handle retail delivery yourself? Our logistics team can ship your products to central distributor hubs for distribution when you’re ready.
  • Special Services. Specialty orders are not a problem at Baytech Plastics. We can accommodate special unit short lead-time and “hot” production runs to help you meet your deadlines.
Baytech Plastics Is The Production Partner You Need

If you have a plastics product or an idea for a product that you are ready to bring to market, contact Baytech Plastics. Our partnership approach to plastics manufacturing will help you get your product to the marketplace as quickly as possible and at the best possible cost. As a leading member of Ontario’s fully integrated plastics industry, we can offer our business partner clients a highly skilled workforce, complete with all of the necessary support services, and access to resin and materials suppliers that are reliable and of top-quality. Our two local plants, run three shifts each, allowing us to offer 24/7 operating availability to advance your business products.

Contact Baytech Plastics at (705) 526-7801 or online to learn more about our capabilities and services.