Baytech’s Plastic Manufacturing Custom Painting Solutions Streamline Production Steps

Improving time to market. Reducing costs. Eliminating middlemen. These are all desirable goals when launching new plastic products. One of the easiest ways to accomplish these goals is to consolidate as many steps as possible with one production partner, like Baytech Plastics. Our plastic manufacturing custom paint solutions are a perfect example of how adding this one step in the production process saves our customers time and money to create a more satisfying partnership.

Advantages of In-House Custom Paint Solutions

Baytech Plastics strives to be a complete resource for plastics manufacturing. We have consolidated every step of the plastics production process under one roof to be a single-source solution for our customers. This includes custom paint solutions.

Our plastic manufacturing custom paint solutions mean you never have to hand over a semi-finished product to another company just to complete product painting. No time wasted packing, delivering, and unpacking products just to get them painted. No time lost waiting to get into the painting queue. No finger-pointing if a product doesn’t look quite right once it has been painted. When you hire Baytech Plastics to manufacture and paint your plastic products, you can rest easy knowing we have the experience, skills, and capabilities to not only manufacture products to spec but also put the perfect finishing touches on them.

Our capabilities include:

  • Standard or custom color creation and application
  • Addition of colors and textures to manufactured products
  • Chemical bonding for improved color retention
  • Mechanical assembly reduces production time
  • Color testing and adhesion testing standards on all projects
  • Prototype painting

We understand that your products are your business and you want them to look their best. That is why we work closely with every customer who needs plastic manufacturing custom paint solutions from start to finish. Your own internal team will be intimately involved with the Baytech color team to ensure our paint solutions is just right.

Paints and Substrates

There are many plastic materials, resins, and substrates that you can choose for your products. You want to be certain that your paint partner can work with those materials to ensure color accuracy and adhesion. Baytech Plastics has invested in our paint capabilities to accommodate all types of plastics and other materials to meet any need. We are capable of painting on:

  • ABS
  • PC/ABS
  • Polycarbonate
  • Nylon
  • Peek
  • Structural Foam PPO
  • Metal

You will have your choice of paints too. We can use any of the following to add just the right touch to your finished products:

  • Water Based Paint
  • Urethane Paint
  • Metallic Paint
  • Custom Colors
  • Multiple Color Options
  • 2 Tone Paint
  • Clear and Tinted Coatings
  • High and Low Glosses
  • Textured Coats

Contact Baytech Plastics For Plastic Manufacturing And Custom Painting Solutions

When you need plastic parts produced and finished with custom paint, contact Baytech Plastics for a quote. We are proud to offer a comprehensive solution that will streamline your production process and eliminate the hassles of sourcing and working with separate production and paint partners.

Discuss your project in detail with a Baytech team member by calling (705) 526-7801 or contacting us online.