Baytech’s Two Shot Injection Molding


Baytech is the expert in two shot plastic injection molding. We specialize in building and designing two shot injection molded plastics in a wide range of applications, and we pride ourselves on our high quality molds and finished products. Two shot injection molding is an inexpensive method for manufacturing plastic parts with two different plastic resins or colors in one operation.

How Two Shot Injection Molding Works

In two shot injection molding, plastic polymers from two different injection units are applied through separate nozzles on a single plastic injection molding machine to create multifaceted plastic parts. Including flexible or mobile components, such as hinges, clasps or tabs. It can also create molded seals, automotive instrumentation and soft grip or traction inserts.

With two shot injection molding, you have a wider range of possible designs with ergonomic and aesthetic appeal. What’s more, 2 shot injection molding reduces cost, because you only need one run to produce a multi-polymer part or product. This saves on labor, on energy and it uses less overall polymer. Each part also takes less time to make! With 2 shot injection molding, you get everything you want and need in a part or product, while reusing time and cost.

What Can You Do With Two Shot Injection Molded Plastics?

Two shot injection molding has a wide range of applications including handles, multicolor knobs, hinges, safety colored warnings, caps or lids, plastic lenses with graduated or two-toned tinting, dental hygiene products; the list is endless. We can create any number of applications, regardless of tight tolerances or intricate design along with a wide range of additional, value-added finishing operations. We can handle any size project, including high volume production.

Get Our Competitive Advantage

This style of injection molding can give you a competitive edge, because it offers efficient manufacturing and product management, in-house molding and production, and assistance with materials and choice of polymer. Plus, you have in-house support with your project from concept to delivery.

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