Contract Manufacturing Engineering Services In Ontario Can Build Your Business

Ontario Manufacturing Engineering Services

Contract manufacturing is both simple and complex at the same time. In short, it is about contracting the right business to get the parts you need. But the process becomes more complex when determining which manufacturing engineering services in Ontario can provide the services you need to grow your business. Here are some tips to help in this process.

Can Contract Manufacturing Grow Your Business? Yes It Can! – Here are some of the many ways contract manufacturing engineering services in Ontario can grow and build your business:

Quality Control: Your contract manufacturer will provide vetted laborers and ensure the quality of the part you’re producing. This leaves more time for you and your company to work directly with your clients.

Inventory Levels: Your contract manufacturer will control and manage inventories, so your clients have the parts they need, when they need them.

Forecast Cost Highs And Lows: Your contract manufacturer will forecast material availability, as well as cost fluctuation, so you can make the most informed and cost effective decision about your future inventory.

Everything In One Place: A good contract manufacturer will offer your company everything it needs, in one place. This will take the worry out of sourcing materials, tooling molds and the entire manufacturing process.

Here’s How We Might Design, Create And Source An Injection-Molded Part For Your Company:

  • First, your business comes to us with a part or an idea and specifications. We help to design the mold, which may include creating a prototype mold and a prototype part to ensure the form and quality of the part.
  • Next we tool the mold, which means we create a mold or series of molds. We’ll source your materials to make sure you get the highest quality for the best price. We also make sure that the materials we choose suit the purpose of the part itself. For example, if your company’s part needs to withstand wear and tear, we make sure to find a tough material to withstand those conditions.
  • Once we have the molds and materials secured, we’ll then train qualified, certified operators to produce and assemble your parts. Qualified, certified workers means higher efficiency. This saves time and money.
  • We create test methods and criteria for quality control, so we can solve any issues as they arise. This means your clients get a quality-tested part that will not let them, or you, down.
  • We then pack the finished product with care, but still keeping cost efficiency in mind. We constantly determine and meet inventory levels based on forecasts. We steadily increase production until we hit an estimated plateau. We adjust other seasonal production lines as necessary, so they don’t overrun, wasting time and funds.
  • We ensure your parts get to their final destination, by configuring the shipment of products and logistics. We determine the correct freight class and the correct number of parts, so your clients receive their parts on time, every time.

Your contract manufacturing engineering services in Ontario should ensure cost efficiency and quality, every step of the way. This quality is the key to growing your business and establishing a fruitful partnership with your contract manufacturer.

Manufacturing Is Complex, But Baytech Makes It Easy

Baytech Plastics offers a wide variety of manufacturing engineering services in Ontario. We are your full service partner through every step of the manufacturing process. Contact us for more information on how contract manufacturing engineering services in Ontario can grow your business.