Count On Baytech’s Manufacturing Engineering Services In Ontario For Both Design And Support

Plastics Engineering Services

Baytech Plastics is a complete partner to our customers. Not only do our customers rely on us for custom plastic injection molding, but they count on our manufacturing engineering services in Ontario too. Our engineering services save our customers both time and money, whether we help develop your initial prototype or improve an existing product. Baytech Plastics provides the specialized knowledge you need to bring a project to completion.

Design Services

Our manufacturing engineering services in Ontario are designed to make your job easier. You’ll find help with everything you need to get a product to market. We can start with some simple design ideas that you bring to the table or we can take a design you already have in hand and turn it into reality.

We’ll use the design and determine which assembly techniques would work best for production purposes. Sometimes, we can find ways to consolidate parts, decreasing the amount of standalone pieces in your design.

We utilize multiple cost-reduction strategies and apply them to every design that comes through our doors. Cost-reduction strategies may include such things as: redesign, add-ons and improvements, specially sourced materials, recycled and pre-processed materials, and the application of the latest technology.

All of these efforts drive us to continuous improvement and help us to offer our clients unique solutions that work.

Support For Your Design

Once the design is finalized, our engineers don’t wash their hands of the project. You will have a single point of contact for the duration of your project. So you can expect top-level engineering support no matter how long you’re working wit us. Your Baytech engineering team will make sure the design is working during production and meets your (and our!) standards post-production. This follow through is one of the hallmarks of Baytech Plastics’ manufacturing engineering services in Ontario.

If something isn’t quite right or we see a better way to create your product, we’ll take steps to make the changes necessary for improvement – either now or in the future. The early and continuous involvement of our engineers ensures no element is overlooked.

Are you worried about handing your project off to be managed by someone else? Don’t be! We want your involvement – as much or as little as you are comfortable providing. We welcome customer visits to our manufacturing plants. This is a great way to meet with our engineers face-to-face and to learn more about our processes. Likewise, our engineers are able to learn more about your business as well as the particular project needs and requirements.

Take Advantage Of Baytech Plastics’ Manufacturing Engineering Services In Ontario

Baytech Plastics is your true partner in manufacturing. We are committed to reducing our customers’ costs and improving their efficiencies; our manufacturing engineering services in Ontario are just one more way we do that.

You count on us to produce your product, shouldn’t you be able to count on us to help make the design perfect too?

Visit Baytech Plastics at to learn more about our engineering and manufacturing capabilities or call us at (705) 526-7801 to speak to a team members in person.