Custom Automotive Modular Assembly

Revolutionizing Truck OEMs

Automotive modular assembly assists truck OEMs in developing and designing new products specific to the area it’s being sold. To revolutionize the truck industry, Baytech’s automotive contract manufacturing encourages a standard frame, with unique interchangeable parts.

This Gives Customers And Automotive Assemblies Contract Manufacturing An Advantage

For example, offering a snow shield in trucks sold in colder climates and larger sun-flaps in trucks sold in hotter, sunnier climates. But, it is difficult for commercial vehicle OEMs to mix-and-match the components, with the customer’s specific requirements. This becomes increasingly difficult because of the complexity of the systems and subsystems of a given truck. Because of this, there is a need to create a system that works around this particular dilemma. Automotive modular assembly addresses this commercial vehicle OEMs problem. It’s about creating a shell in which an interchangeable part can be placed, and only the part itself needs to be interchanged. Here are some benefits of custom automotive modular assembly and automotive assemblies contract manufacturing:

  • You can create the trucks with your customers. You can allow companies to mix-and-match compatible components to put together a product based on your customer’s specific requirements.
  • Your customer decides which components to use, standard and customized.
  • Your customer can upgrade easily, depending on physical and technological needs.
  • You can reuse components and you can differentiate the product, product line or components; which helps with branding and selling a brand.

Automotive contract manufacturing is the key. Essentially, you’re creating parts that can customize a standard frame and create customized features for a competitive advantage. Truck development is not about creating a truck anymore, but it’s about new product lines that will help OEMs create competition and differentiation in the domestic and global marketplace

Create Your Competitive Edge

This industry helps to support new kinds of product lines that will create that competitive edge, without slowing profit or productivity. It helps trucks to improve diversity and gives the company a selling point for their vehicles and advantage to the individual needs of the customers.

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