Custom Contract Manufacturing

Custom Contract Manufacturing and Your Business

Custom contract manufacturing can be a smart way to save on production costs. But like all business decisions, whether or not this method works for your company is unique to your business and its capabilities.

Custom Contract Manufacturing in a Nutshell

Custom contract manufacturing is a method of outsourcing the fabrication of an item, system or product. Your company remains the end user or seller of the product and your name goes on the package, but an outside manufacturer is responsible for the planning, materials sourcing, production and delivery of the product. Depending on the terms of your business agreement, the manufacturer may be responsible for everything from product concept to retail packaging.

All you have to do is pay one set cost for the production of the end product. This method has been likened to having your own factory without the expense and headaches of actually running one.

Benefits of Contracted Manufacturing

Since all of the pre-production, production and, sometimes, post-production work is performed by the company you’ve contracted with, you can save time and money. If there are any snafus along the way, such as problems with the supply chain or equipment malfunctions, it is up to the manufacturer to deal with the situation, not you.

Contract manufacturing is helpful to companies that may not have the staffing or expertise to perform all of the work necessary to produce their products in-house. Your cost is fixed from the outset when you first sign the agreement to have the work done by your chosen manufacturer. You are protected from hidden costs that may arise, making planning and budgeting much easier.

Using a contract manufacturer is an excellent way to stay competitive in your industry. These manufacturers have many different clients, which gives them access to all the newest ideas, techniques and needs in the marketplace. They also have the professional engineering and production staff to bring these new ideas to life, something many individual companies do not have or cannot afford to maintain in-house.

With a contract manufacturer as your partner in business you can focus your attention on new business opportunities and initiatives and outsource the actual creation of the products to a business that has the right capabilities and know-how.

Is It Right For You?

To determine if this type of outsourced industrial fabrication is right for you, ask yourself a few questions. Do you have the staff and capability to continuously produce your current and new products in-house? Can you afford to eat hidden costs that may arise during production? Is your budget flexible enough to accommodate these surprises?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, outsourcing your manufacturing needs may be the right fit for your business.

Ask yourself: Are you better equipped to distribute and sell your products than actually create them? Do you want to save money on engineering costs and product design? Do you dislike having to coordinate all of the different variables that are needed in product creation such as raw material sourcing, design and delivery as well as product creation?

If the answer is “Yes,” then you owe it to yourself and your company to explore custom contract manufacturing opportunities.

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