Custom Injection Molders; Boosting Canada’s Economy

Plastics Manufactuing Sector

Baytech knows that custom injection molding is an important part of the economy within the manufacturing sector. By domestically sourcing your injection molding needs, you can make your product a reality and keep your dollars local. Plus, there is virtually nothing custom injection molders cannot make, from electronics and medical components to toys and automotive products, the list is endless.

Custom Injection Molders of High Quality Plastic Components Can Make It

Extensive experience and capabilities with the willingness to adapt to customer needs. It is this level of commitment to excellence and quality products that aids in providing an economic boost.

Were You Aware Of The Versatility Of Custom Injection Molding?

It’s true, there’s a mold and material out there that can make your product or part plans a reality. The properties of the plastics range from gel-like, to fiberglass and mica filled plastics, which are strong enough to replace steel components. Your molded product or part can have fire-retardant, food grade, and anti-microbial properties. They can have chemical and UV resistance; they can also be electrically dissipative, insulating, or conductive. Your plastic product can be any color of the rainbow, including clear or iridescent. We can make them buoyant or weighted and they can be constructed from recyclable materials. They can also be printed with graphics, annealed, engraved, or sterilized. Baytech has been ISO 9000 registered since 1994 and we are currently ISO9002-2000 registered, so you know you will get a quality product, no matter what option your company chooses.

Why Your Business Needs To Source Domestically

It goes without saying that sometimes using plastics isn’t appropriate for a particular job. But with a wide variety of plastics and the increasing number of plastics that perform the jobs of traditionally used textiles, like wood and metal, there are more options than ever if you choose custom injection molding. And with the low cost of producing these parts and products, it just makes sense that these custom plastic injection molders and their clients will be on the forefront of providing North American economic benefits. In fact, with overseas manufacturing costs rising, it makes even more sense than ever to manufacture domestically.

If you’re a business, an entrepreneur or even a think tank, there’s a good chance that we can make a mold and create a product for you. And if you have a product or idea that serves a want or need, there is a plastic that fits your purpose.

There is no better reason to make Baytech Plastics your injection mold manufacturer. To find out more about how Baytech Plastics can turn ideas into products just complete our website form. To schedule a visit, email or call us at 705-526-7801.