Custom Injection Molders: The Perfect Solution For Intricate Jobs

Precision Products Manufactured With Quality Results

Small. Detailed. Intricate. One-of-a-Kind. No matter what term you use to describe these types of jobs, they all have one thing in common: a need for precision. Plastic injection molding is the solution for high-volume production, but for truly intricate jobs, custom injection molders are also needed. Combining the best qualities of plastic injection molding with custom molds, custom injection molders allow businesses to produce high volumes of unique or intricate components perfectly every time and at an assured level of quality and performance.

Custom Injection Molding Is Versatile And Affordable

Custom injection molders can be used in a variety of applications to make part and components across many different industries. The beauty of custom injection molders is that there is almost nothing they cannot make! Although pieces will vary in terms of size, complexity, and shape, one thing they all have in common is cost-efficient production.

Anytime the word “custom” comes in to play, thoughts immediately jump to “expensive,” but when it comes to custom injection molding, cost efficiency of production is one of the biggest benefits. Once the design has been perfected, a mold is cast and then used to produce your components. The custom molds allow the manufacturer to replicate your design perfectly, every time, whether the run is today or a year from now. A custom mold is an excellent long-term investment that will pay for itself over and over and over again or for as long as you require that component.

Custom injection molding is versatile too. While thermoplastics come to mind when we think of injection molding, custom injection molds can be used with many other types of materials or features. It’s possible to create gel-like plastics, microbial plastics, fiberglass-filled components, or fire-resistant materials. They can be food-grade, chemical resistant, UV-resistant, insulating, conductive or anything you need your product to be.

Design Considerations For Custom Molds

Every mold needs to be carefully designed and constructed not only for repeated use but also for uncomplicated removal of the completed product. Like any type of injection mold, there will be two halves. These two halves will be clamped together during the process so that the material can be injected. Once the material inside is cooled and solidified, the part is ejected. Ejection is a critical junction in the manufacture of the piece. The piece must be able to leave the mold without getting stuck or damaged. To aid in removal, air is used to shrink the part just a bit and ejector pins are used to help facilitate removal from the mold.

Custom Injection Molders From Baytech Plastics

Baytech Plastics has created many injection molds since 1949. Our current capabilities range from 40 Tons to 2600 Tons of clamping force, two-shot injection molding, and expertise in the processing of many polymers. We have been ISO 9000 registered since 1994 and are currently ISO 9002-2000 registered, indicating our custom injection molding leadership. We were one of the first Canadian custom plastics injection molders this designation.

We are able to assist our customers at all stages of product development from concept and design to prototype, production, assembly, and even distribution. Our process is highly customizable, making it possible for us to create molded parts perfectly suited to your design.

To learn more about how Baytech Plastics can turn ideas into reality, call us at 705-526-7801 or use our online form to obtain a quote or schedule a visit.