Custom Plastic Components: Why Molding Custom Plastic Beats Machine Components

Injection Molded versus Machined Parts

The need for custom plastic components raises one key question for business owners everywhere: should I choose injection molded, or machined parts for my job? Answering this important question is often a critical first step needed before moving forward. While each method offers distinguishing features, many business leaders recognize molded custom plastic components as the clear frontrunner over machined pieces and parts.

Here’s Why:

Enhanced Detailing

Injection molds are pressed deeper into their casts when compared to other methods. What will this offer to your job? The high pressure exerted during the molding process pushes them further into the forms, allowing them to take on an enhanced range of sophisticated details inside the molds. Many business owners find that their intricate designs and shapes can’t be replicated on a machine, making molding the perfect solution.

Efficient Production Process

This increased design precision truly makes a difference in the overall production process. Once the casts have been created to meet your specifications, the rest of the manufacturing tends to move very quickly. Reduced productivity times allow you to meet client deliverable deadlines as expediently as possible.

Increased Strength

Some manufacturing jobs require various materials to be used during the casting process to increase durability and strength. Machining can often mean an “all or nothing” approach with materials. However, using a mold means possibly using fillers as well. These fillers increase the endurance level of the individual components and grant you further control over your final product.

Various Plastic Styles

Another major advantage to using injection molding is the ability to incorporate a range of plastic types, all simultaneously. Other methods require the use of only one plastic component at a time. However, by employing a method known as “co-injection molding” you do not have to commit to using just one specific style for your product. Choice and flexibility can make a major impact on your entire project.

Cost Effective

Molding your custom plastic components means that most of your process is automated. Carefully calibrated machinery, run by a skilled operator, will produce your pieces based on your specifications. Eliminating the need for manual functions instantly reduces overall costs, both in manufacturing as well as in general overhead. These are all savings that you can pass on to clients to show value as a partner.

Finished Product

Choosing mold over machines eliminates the need for any post-production refinements. Each component appears essentially finished once it is removed from the casts.

Environmentally Friendly

Best of all, the injection mold process keeps a steady focus on environmental impact. Because of it’s precision, most jobs are completed with very little scrap. The scrap that is created can often be recycled and repurposed during another production phase.

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