Custom Plastic Molding Defined And Delivered By Baytech Plastics

Baytech Plastics is a Custom Plastic Molding Manufacturer

It’s easy to claim to be a custom plastic molding manufacturer, but what does the term “custom” really mean? Without a clear definition, it’s difficult to determine if a manufacturer really has the ability to produce the needed products. Simply creating a unique mold does not and should not be considered custom plastic molding. Complex engineering specs, parts tolerances, correct resin selection, and regulatory compliance are just a few examples of how manufacturing plastic components can be much more complicated than simply creating a mold or injecting resins into it. Given these complexities, finding manufacturers who offer truly custom plastic molding is critical to project success.

Which brings us to the question, “How do we define custom in regard to plastics molding?”

Defining “Custom”

There isn’t a hard and fast definition of what constitutes custom in the realm of plastics manufacturing. In this case, the best approach is to evaluate the project needs and level of complexity to determine what level of customization is required of the project. Manufacturers all have different capabilities and every project has different demands. Finding a match between project needs and manufacturer abilities is the goal.

Why insist on a manufacturer who can do more than you need if you never intend to use the service? You may end up passing by the perfect manufacturing partner because they didn’t meet an un-necessary criterion!

On the other hand, selecting a manufacturer who can’t meet all of your project needs is guaranteed to fail.

Services of Custom Plastic Molding Manufacturers

Plastic molding manufacturers offer many different kinds of services and they often build on and support one another. Examples include: Tooling, Engineering, Design, Resin Selection, Prototyping and Testing, Processing, Sourcing, and Finishing and Assembly.

Truly custom plastic molding manufacturers will rely on scientific methods and testing, engineering design, analysis, and prototyping to develop the tooling and mold needed to meet the precise requirements of the project. This may mean going through several different resins to find the one that best meets performance requirements. It could mean tweaking the design to eliminate weak points. It might mean choosing between injection molding, insert molding, or overmolding to find the process that produces the best results.

Trial and error. Back and forth. Constant communication between the client and the manufacturer. This is what a custom plastic molding process looks like. Don’t be swayed by promises of a quick time to market and low costs. Chances are those supposed benefits will come at the cost of one or more critical steps in the process.

Baytech Plastics’ Custom Plastic Molding In Canada

Baytech Plastics is proud to be a top custom plastic molding manufacturer in Canada. We work with businesses across a host of different industries to bring new ideas to life and ensure their old favorites are always available for their customers. Our full-service approach ensures customized care and successful outcomes for every project. We work very closely with our customers to get it right the first time. That means offering our customers: engineering and design services, resin selection services, prototyping services, tooling, testing, and validation and more on every project, every time.

We take such care to meet project objectives that almost every project can be considered “custom”!

If you have been looking for a custom plastic molding manufacturer, contact Baytech Plastics. We bring over 70 years of expertise to every project and will put all of our resources to work for you!

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