Discover Baytech Plastics’ Extensive Plastic Manufacturing Capabilities

Are you looking for a plastics manufacturer who can do it all? It’s time to call Baytech Plastics. Our extensive plastic manufacturing capabilities have made us a favorite among Canadian businesses and around the world.

At Baytech, we understand how frustrating it can be to coordinate projects among multiple vendors, partners, and suppliers. We have done our best to consolidate as many services as possible under one roof so that our customers can turn to us for a concept-to-completion solution to their plastics manufacturing needs.

Take a look at our capabilities and how they can be used on your next project.

Our Plastics Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Engineering Design & Support. Baytech can support your project from the very start, even before you have a design in hand, with full-service engineering and design support. Our early involvement ensures the design is suitable for the manufacturing process you need and the number of runs required. Our early involvement can reduce costs associated with design changes down the road and can identify opportunities for design or component improvements well before it is time to start production.
  • Program Management. Every one of our customers is connected with a dedicated account manager for the life of their project. This person oversees all steps of the project from the initial get-to-know-you meeting through design and prototyping to resin selection, process selection, production, final delivery, and every step in between. This approach provides our customers with one dedicated point of contact for all of their questions and to keep abreast of project progress.
  • Advanced Plastic Injection Molding Technologies. Our extensive plastic manufacturing capabilities would not be possible without our facilities and equipment. We operate two ISO 9001 registered manufacturing facilities in Ontario. Each is equipped with special equipment that allows us to offer much more than just injection molding. We also have tooling capabilities, a clean room, offer finishing and assembly, and even logistics and delivery.
  • In-House Finishing and Assembly. One more way we streamline projects for our customers is by offering comprehensive finishing and assembly services in-house. This includes: secondary operations, painting, CNC machining, modular assembly, custom labeling, packaging, and printing.

Can Your Projects Benefit From Baytech’s Extensive Plastic Manufacturing Capabilities?

Imagine your next project proceeding with ease, on time, on budget, and produced to exceptional quality. It’s possible with Baytech Plastics as your plastics manufacturing partner. We have made it our business to make producing plastic parts and components easier on our customers by consolidating so many of these necessary production services under one roof.

Our concept-to-completion approach is valued by our customers because it reduces the number of external vendors they have to manage. Not only that, they know they can trust Baytech’s 70+ years of experience, extensive plastic manufacturing capabilities, and devotion to our customers to get every project right even if it means going back to the drawing board, tweaking the design, or rethinking resins because we are as invested in your success as we are in our own.

Learn more about Baytech Plastics and how we can help you on your next project by contacting us at (705) 526-7801 or online.