Do You Need Custom Plastic Injection Molders? Let Us Walk You Through The Process

Contract Manufacturing – Plastic Injection Molders

Our lives have been irrevocably changed by the invention of custom plastic injection molders. Think about it: water bottles, ladles, spatulas, tablet and phone covers and even the toys your child gets with their kids meal. These are all examples of everyday items that are brought to you by custom plastic injection molders.

If you’re thinking of producing a customized plastic product, you need a manufacturer of custom plastic injection molds.

But What Is The Molding Process?

The concept of custom plastic injection molding is pretty simple. Liquefied plastic is poured or sprayed into a mold, sometimes under great pressure. The plastic is allowed to harden and, hooray, you have a finished product. Now this is not something you can do at home, at least on a large scale. There’s industrial equipment that both creates the custom plastic injection molds themselves and equipment that melts, injects and extrudes the plastic throughout the process.

What Kind Of Molds Will I Need

Find a manufacturer that offers client support. Once you find a manufacturer you can trust, you’ll most likely go through a prototyping process where you’ll design a sample mold, then produce a few products to see how they look and function. Then you and your manufacturer will determine the resin and class of the mold you’ll need for the job.

Location Is Everything

You may think that where your manufacturer is located is inconsequential, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are thee factors to consider here.

1. Are You Producing Something So Intricate That You Need Ready Access To Your Manufacturer And Their Design Team?

– If so, choose a manufacturer that is close by. This will allow you to have both live and cyber meetings, which will help you to clarify your design and production run.

2. Is This Manufacturer The Only Company Or One Of Few Companies That Will Produce What You Need?

– If this is the case, use technology to your advantage to connect with your manufacturer the best ways you can.

3. Are You A Middleman?

– This may seem like an odd question, but if you’re reselling products, it may be wise to choose a manufacturer closer to your client. Shipping parts or products to you, and then back to the customer may not be cost effective.

Time Is Money

The old adage is true, time is indeed money. You need to establish a good rapport with your custom plastic injection molders, so you’ll know how long it will take to conceptualize, design, prototype, produce and deliver your product. You may have an amazing concept, and an even more amazing product, but if customers don’t get it on time, your efforts will have been in vain. Make sure you know and understand your manufacturer’s assembling, packing and shipping policies, so your product gets into the hands of your customers as soon as possible.

Baytech Has The Expertise To Take You Though The Entire Design Process

Baytech Plastics are Ontario’s premier custom plastic injection molders. We can guide you through every step of the design and production process, so your amazing concept will become the amazing product it was meant to be. Contact us today.