Durable Goods & Plastics Manufacturing

Plastic Durable Goods Manufacturing

Durable goods and plastics manufacturing go hand-in-hand. Durable goods are products that are designed to last more than three years. They don’t wear out easily and must stand up to frequent use, often in tough conditions. Examples of durable goods include: appliances, automobiles, consumer electronics, sporting goods and equipment, toys, outdoor goods, and furniture.

Benefits of Plastics in the Manufacture of Durable Goods

Plastics are an ideal choice for durable goods manufacturing since the material does not easily break down, is non-reactive, can be molded to nearly any shape, is weather-resistant, and is affordable. Industry-specific use of durable goods plastics manufacturing include:

  • Automotive Industry. Plastics manufacturing is a major component of automobile manufacturing these days. There are numerous benefits to using plastics in this industry. It is resistant to corrosion, lightweight, and can be easily colored and finished, not to mention its durability. Plastic is so versatile, it is used inside and outside vehicles in car bodies, interior panels and electronics, fenders and more. Its’ extensive use is one reason why today’s vehicles last longer and are more fuel-efficient than older models, which relied on a heavier use of metals.
  • Appliance Manufacturing. To give you an idea of plastic versatility, consider that the material is used in both automobiles and home appliances, but for different reasons. Appliance manufacturers rely on durable goods plastics manufacturing because the material is adaptable, making fabrication faster and easier and design options more wide-ranging. Plastic also provides thermal, acoustic, and electrical insulation, making products both safer for use and more energy-efficient.
  • Construction Industry. Vinyl siding is the most visible example of how plastics are being used in the construction industry. Vinyl consistently ranks as one of the most popular types of home siding. It is valued for its affordability, ease of installation, many design and color options. Vinyl can be designed to mimic the look of wood, stucco, or stone but costs just a fraction of these materials. Composite decking and vinyl windows are two more examples of how plastics are being used in this industry.
  • Sports Equipment, Toys, and Outdoor Goods. For many of the reasons listed above, sports equipment, toys, and outdoor goods manufacturers also rely on plastics to bring their products to market. Plastic helps keep production costs and product weight down and can be molded into many different products to meet a range of needs. The plastic injection molding process also helps save time and money, making it possible to produce large quantities of these types of durable goods quickly and efficiently in exact replication.

Durable Goods and Plastics Manufacturing at Baytech Plastics

Baytech Plastics has a long history in durable goods plastics manufacturing. We work with customers to support their plastics projects at every stage. Our comprehensive design, engineering, and fabrication services help improve product quality and integrity, reduce costs, and optimize performance for sales success.

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