Five Reasons Why Baytech Plastics Is Your Best Bet!

We Understand Customer Key Needs

Custom plastic molding in Ontario is Baytech’s specialty. Your company can turn to us for the best possible results and a quick turn-around on every custom molding job you have. We’ve been leading the way in custom plastic molding in Ontario and across North America for years because we’ve invested the time and energy into discovering what our customers need and want, then delivering. There are at least five good reasons why we’re the answer to your custom plastic molding needs:

1. Design Capabilities

Many of our clients know what they need, but they don’t have the in-house engineers to design the individual components needed. If your business lacks an independent Research & Development team, or simply doesn’t have the time to devote to designing every piece required, Baytech is the answer. We will collaborate closely with your company to design every component you need from initial concept to fabrication so that the company isn’t bogged down by the details. We have some of the most experienced engineers and designers in the region working for us to ensure that we can produce custom plastic molding in Ontario that’s the perfect fit for customers around the globe.

2. Global Shipping Of Custom Plastic Molding From Ontario To The World

Although production is based in Ontario, we handle global shipping of our products to companies around the world. We can also warehouse custom plastic molding produced in Ontario internationally in order to reduce the cost of storing and shipping your components to you as you need them. We handle containerized shipments from our facility directly to your door and we do it well.

3. Program Management

Working closely with client companies on custom plastic molding at our Ontario facility is common practice for Baytech Plastics. Our engineers will manage every step of the process, including developing realistic time frames and on-time production launch schedules. Every program we manage is led by a dedicated engineer who will handle the program management of your custom plastic molding project from inception to delivery. The engineer handling your order will be able to answer all of your questions and will be in regular contact to put your mind at ease.

4. Ability To Provide Custom Plastic Molding For A Variety Of Industries

While we can’t say that we have every kind of plastic molding for every industry, we can say that we’ve handled more than most other companies offering custom plastic molding in Ontario. So whether you’re looking for factory OEM parts for automobiles, medical devices requiring strict quality control, or large containers, you can find what you’re looking for at Baytech Plastics.

5. Overtime Capabilities For Rush Jobs

Even with the best laid plans, there may come a time when you need custom plastic molding on a tight deadline. Perhaps your company has to ramp up production for a seasonal increase in orders, or maybe your company just took on a huge contract and your new client wants their product yesterday. Regardless of the reason, if you have a rush job for custom plastic molding in Ontario, Baytech Plastics can accommodate a rush order seamlessly because we have two facilities for manufacturing and a full staff capable of working three shifts so that there’s never any down time. We’ll ramp up production of any custom plastic molding you need, guaranteeing the fastest possible delivery times.

Because we can meet your company’s needs on every level – including program management, product design, and quick turn-around, we should be the first place you call when you need custom plastic molding in Ontario. Call us today at 705-526-7801 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your custom plastic manufacturing needs.