Get To Know Baytech Plastics’ OEM Contract Injection Molding Services

Baytech Plastics’ OEM contract injection molding services are designed to make life easier for original equipment manufacturers. Our do-it-all approach to plastic injection molding means we handle all the details – big and small – related to component production from sourcing raw materials, prototyping, molding, assembly, and even logistics. This allows our OEM customers to use their time on their core competencies, strategy, customer service, and sales without worrying that their parts and products will be produced to spec and on time.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of Baytech’s OEM contract injection molding services.

How Baytech’s OEM Contract Injection Molding Services Benefit Our Customers

The way we see it, our customers know their businesses and we know plastic injection molding. Why not let each partner focus on what they each do best? The customer manages their business ins and outs and Baytech manages the injection molding process for the customer.

  • Solutions Provider. Our approach comes down to our business philosophy of being a solutions provider. We don’t just fulfill orders. We help our OEM customers develop, innovate, and improve products, troubleshoot problems, and create solutions in both the manufacturing of products and in the performance of the products themselves.
  • Pre-Production Service and Support. An enormously time-consuming part of plastics production for OEMs occurs during pre-production. Raw materials must be sourced, ordered, delivered, and stored until use. Designs must be created, finalized, and prototyped for production. Molds must be made. Resins tested. Practice runs completed. Rather than the OEM having to do this work themselves, Baytech does it for them. We have the skills, capabilities, expertise, and equipment to complete the work much more efficiently than an OEM because it is what we do every day.
  • Manufacturing and Production. This is the nuts and bolts of our injection molding services and the primary role of the plastics manufacturer. OEMs trust us to deliver products on time, to spec, and of the utmost quality.
  • Post-Production Services. Post-production includes anything that occurs after the part is ejected from the mold. Assembly, painting, secondary finishing, packaging, labeling, delivery, warehousing, logistics…you name it and Baytech Plastics can do it.

Savings You Can Count On

Our OEM contract injection molding services add up to time and cost savings for our customers. OEMs save on facility and equipment costs, including maintenance, repairs, and energy costs. They don’t have to hire and train employees to run the equipment. There are no additional costs associated with tooling or materials and they don’t need to manage logistics or find another provider to manage it for them.

Our OEM injection molding customers come from a wide variety of industries here in Canada, including the automotive industry, business machines, consumer goods, medical devices, outdoor products, electronic enclosures, and consumer goods. We have been supporting these industries since 1946, continuously investing in and improving our systems and processes to provide a one-source solution for OEM injection manufacturing

To learn more about Baytech Plastics’ OEM contract injection molding services or how we can help your business meet its contract manufacturing needs, call (705) 526-7801 or contact us online.