High Tech Injection Molding And The Medical Device Field

Medical Device Manufacturing

High tech injection molding has long been associated with the manufacturing and automobile industries but it is also heavily used in the medical device field. In fact, high tech injection molding has become extremely valuable in medical device manufacturing because plastic has proven to be an ideal material for use in the human body. Unlike metals, plastic doesn’t corrode, is more lightweight, and is more readily accepted by the body. In many cases, properly produced plastic devices can last a lifetime.

As demand for plastic medical components has grown, so have regulatory requirements and scrutiny. The field is so highly regulated and the devices have such specific requirements that there is absolutely no room for error and even the smallest misstep can have drastic consequences for the device manufacturer.

This is where high tech injection molding becomes vital. The use of robotics and other high tech processing techniques is essential to the safe production of medical devices while at the same time keeping costs in-line and competitive with overseas manufacturing.

Why Baytech Plastics’ High Tech Injection Molding Is A Must For Medical Device Manufacturing

Aside from the regulatory scrutiny that medical device manufacturers are under, these companies work with the very sobering knowledge that their devices are necessary to help people live their lives to the fullest

These requirements affect the final product and the components used in the product as well as the production facility and machinery itself. Medical device manufacturers must supply the names of their production partners to federal regulatory agencies. Those production partners are then subject to the same scrutiny and third-party audits as the device company itself. As it turns out, some equipment and facilities simply aren’t up to the challenge of producing parts for medical devices.

Baytech Plastics isn’t one of those companies. We have an extensive background in medical device manufacturing and have routinely invested in our high tech injection molding facilities to ensure that we can meet any regulatory requirement and continue to support our medical device partners.

Our Facilities Feature

  • Extensive use of robotics
  • Vision system verification
  • Electronic ordering
  • EDI and SAP systems in place
  • Extensive use of cellular manufacturing
  • Real-time electronic production monitoring
  • Operator information kiosks
  • Environmentally controlled facility
  • Customer portal via internet
  • NFS approved facility
  • Bar code traceability
  • Magnetic Platens 100% of equipment
  • Scientific Molding Systems
  • Gas assist
  • Closed loop systems

All of these features help us deliver the very best quality injection molded products for use in medical devices.

Cut Costs And Ensure Product Quality With Help From Baytech Plastics

Baytech Plastics has over 70 years of supplying our partners with quality custom molded plastic components. We truly are your full service partner, providing help at all stages of production from design and plastics selection to engineering services and prototype developing to production and delivery.

Contact us at (705) 526-7801 or visit www.baytechplastics.com to learn more about our high tech injection molding services for medical devices.