How Baytech Became the Plastic Manufacturing Experts in Ontario

Baytech Plastics has been a plastics manufacturer since 1946. How did we become known as the plastics manufacturing experts in Ontario? Through hard work and dedication to our craft and our customers.

The Baytech Advantage

With Baytech as your plastics manufacturing partner, you can rest easy knowing you’ve got the support of an expert team who cares about your business and your products. We call this combination of industry expertise and customer service the Baytech Advantage and it puts our customers front and center. When customers turn to us for their plastics manufacturing needs, they know they are getting more than just a manufacturing service. They are getting a manufacturing partner that is as committed to their success as the business itself.

Baytech’s service approach is based on four core values:

  1. Commitment
  2. Continuous improvement
  3. Versatility
  4. Service


We are committed to being the best plastic manufacturing experts in Ontario. This commitment forms the foundation of every other aspect of our business. Our dedication to this industry is obvious in our longevity, investments in our people, facilities, and capabilities, and in the relationships we have built and sustained with customers, partners, and suppliers. You don’t earn the respect of the industry and generations-long customers by providing sub-standard service.

Continuous Improvement

The plastics manufacturing industry has changed enormously since 1946. While the end results may look the same, how those results are obtained is very different today. From the very start, we recognized the need to stay abreast of technology changes. Not only do we continue to invest in new plastics manufacturing machinery and robotics, but we also invest in the computer systems needed to improve product processes. We invest in our people to ensure they are trained in the latest techniques and technologies. We invest in our own knowledge base to expand the amount and types of services we can provide to our customers. By adding engineering and design services, global sourcing and logistics, and other value-add services, we have been able to ease pain points for our customers and become a valued partner to them.


After 70 years of plastics manufacturing, there is very little we haven’t done. We made a conscious decision not to specialize in a specific industry or type of manufacturing technique. This allowed us to expand our knowledge base, use cross-functional learning to apply what we learn in one industry to another, and provide a deeper level of service and knowledge to our customers. You will never hear, “We can’t do that” at Baytech. Instead, you can expect us to figure out how to get it done, assuming we haven’t already done it before. Our team is highly knowledgeable and eager to turn ideas into reality.


The customer service you will receive a Baytech Plastics is second to none. Our goal is to have such a strong partnership with our customers that they view us as an extension of their own team. Going above and beyond is second nature to us. We believe in connections and human interaction. Every project receives a dedicated account manager who acts as the point person to answer questions, problem-solve, troubleshoot, or just be available to brainstorm new concepts and ideas. We know that the success of our business relies on your satisfaction and we work hard to support you.

Work With The Plastic Manufacturing Experts in Ontario

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