How Resins Support Baytech’s Specialty Plastic Manufacturing in Ontario

Baytech Plastics provides specialty plastic manufacturing in Ontario to businesses all over the world. Our capabilities support a range of industries from consumer goods and outdoor products to medical devices, the automotive industry, and more. While all of these industries rely on us for their plastics manufacturing needs, no two have quite the same requirements. How do we do it?

We are able to meet the diverse needs of our customers by adopting and advancing technologies and techniques as they become available. Our continuous investment in our facilities and our people has helped drive innovation within Baytech Plastics for the benefit of our customers.

One area of investment that plays a particularly important role in our specialty plastic manufacturing in Ontario is the use of specialty resins.

What’s So Special About Specialty Resins?

Specialty plastics are designed for very specific uses and applications. This often requires special production techniques and unique resins in order to meet production demands and product performance specifications. These specialty resins form the foundation of successful products because they have additional properties that traditional plastics don’t have.

One of those additional properties and added benefits include:

  • Increased Strength
  • Better Flexibility
  • Viscosity
  • Accommodation of Temperature Extremes
  • Low Moisture Absorption

Resin selection affects a product’s performance and durability which is why we always tailor the plastic resin selected to the specific application for which the end product will be used. Custom plastic components often require specialty resins that can be mixed and blended with others to attain or enhance desired properties like fluidity, temperature resistance, and durability. Many specialty resins are so strong they have replaced metal as the preferred material in plumbing, hardware, and automotive products.

Examples of the Types of Benefits Provided by Specialty Plastics

Some of the features and characteristics that specialty plastics can provide include:

  • Elastomeric Benefits. Elastomeric resins add elasticity to products, allowing them to provide rubber-like shock absorption and rebound while still maintaining the strength of plastics.
  • Thermoplastic Benefits. Thermoplastics are known for being strong. Specialty resins contribute to that strength by combining plastic resins with a reinforcing fiber that supports the desired end result, be that strength, shock absorption, or noise control.
  • Strength Benefits. Thermosets are specialty resins that are extraordinarily resistant to heat. This makes them a good choice for heavy-duty uses and as a replacement for metal.


  • Injection Molding Benefits. Specialty thermoplastics are often used in injection molding because they can be easily recycled through remelting and then remolding. This provides cost benefits in addition to the desired performance benefits.

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