How To Choose A Contract Manufacturing Or Assembly Partner

Manufacturing Expertise and Experience

Putting your company name on a product does not require that you take it from the drawing board to the shipping dock. Today, using contract manufacturing, assembly, and even inspection and drop shipping are common approaches for companies who do not have or who do not want to invest in a production line. You can design a product based on market research of customer needs, determine the material and all product specs, market and sell it, provide customer service, and even service it without being directly involved in production.

Choose Baytech For Contract Manufacturing, Assembly, And More

Any of these aspects of product management require distinct types of expertise, which makes outsourcing contract manufacturing, assembly, and other functions a serious business decision. For these reasons, many companies that use injected molded parts or need assemblies that include injected molded components look to Baytech Plastics, an experienced firm with over 50 years of thermoplastic and thermoset plastic processing experience. The company also has considerable experience in serving the needs of many industries for contract manufacturing and offers special expertise in medical devices and telecommunications.

Tips For Choosing A Contract Manufacturer

When you are sourcing a contract manufacturer, what should you look for? Any potential vendor can offer a PowerPoint presentation or video to show their operation, but as one experienced consultant pointed out in a 2013 article in Industry Week, it’s important to “separate the slide-ware from the shinola.” You must get past the sophisticated marketing techniques to verify that the potential contract manufacturing or assembly provider has the systems in place to facilitate cost-effective, error-free, on-time production.

Some of the things that you should be concerned with include:

  • Facilities – Are the facilities large enough to handle your job? Do they have the equipment to deliver what you want?
  • Amount of time in business – Start up contract manufacturers have been known to close in the middle of jobs, so their time in business and their financial stability are important concerns.
  • Quality control – What type of quality control system does the firm have in place? What visual and non-destructive testing procedures do they employ? What guarantees do you have that the raw materials you want will not be substituted with cheaper grade materials? Are you welcome to inspect the facilities at any time?
  • Reputation – How is the company regarded in the industry? Most companies will give you the names of a few customers for you to talk with. You should be able to check Better Business Bureau ratings or find reference to the company in industry blogs or forms.
  • Methods – Ideally you want a company that utilizes lean manufacturing techniques, which use materials conservatively and in a manner that is environmentally friendly.
  • Price – Is the price considerably higher or lower than competitors? A quote that’s too low may indicate that poor quality materials and unauthorized shortcuts are used in production.
  • Recall – Have recalls been made on products they manufactured? Was their component related to the recall?
  • On time delivery – What proof does the company offer that they meet deadlines? You should be able to see delivery metrics.

Only when you are satisfied with the answers to these questions should you proceed with hiring a contract manufacturer. The firm you hire for contract manufacturing, assembly, and other production duties is essentially a partner in your enterprise, so you should be satisfied when you entrust them with your product.

Baytech, Your Choice For Contract Manufacturing, Assembly, And Service

If you need injected molded items, you will not have to search hard for answers to these questions when you deal with Baytech Plastics. As you can see from our website, we are very willing to share our technology, our engineering expertise, and information about our quality control systems and capabilities with our customers. When you need contract manufacturing, assembly, or other services, we take ownership of your production and carry out every aspect of the operation as if we were serving our own direct customers.

For more information about our contract manufacturing or assembly services, contact us today via our website form or by calling 702-526-7801.