How To Partner With The Right Injection Mold Manufacturer

Sourcing A Manufacturer

Whether you need to create a tiny plastic piece for a medical device or a large molded section for an automobile, you want the highest quality product from an expert injection mold manufacturer. Even if your business isn’t familiar with the ins and outs of this process, there are ways to assess which organization is right for you, and to ensure they’ll complete the work on time and to your exact specifications.

Know What You Want From Your Injection Mold Manufacturer

Before you can make a final choice, you must have clear specifications of your item’s final size, shape, surface, color or any other factor that’s specific to your item such as size and placement of holes.

The best way to provide this information to your potential partner is with a 3D model and an engineering drawing of the finished piece. Be sure to show specific draft angles and surface textures in the drawing.

Capabilities and Quality Are Key

It’s perfectly acceptable to check on the capabilities of a potential injection mold manufacturer, and a good corporation will be more than willing to share this information. You must be able to determine their ability to produce your product.

  • If you need a two-shot molding process, can they do it?
  • Is their equipment high-tech and well-maintained?
  • Are their skilled employees who are experts at operating the molding machines?
  • How much volume can they handle?
  • If you need huge quantities of your product on a tight deadline, how would you make it happen?

Next, ask about their quality assurance systems, particularly whether or not they are ISO certified. Request samples of their QA documentation, preferably for products such as yours. Keep in mind that quality is not represented solely by how the product looks but also by how it performs, particularly when it comes to safety issues. Your business will be liable if someone is injured because of defects in your items.

Consider Location When Negotiating Price

Naturally, your bottom line is what drives your choice, and you want to negotiate the best possible rate. However, if the organization with the lowest price is located outside of the United States, you may end up paying more in the long run. Flying to another country to regularly check on the process could be a huge drain on expenses versus working with a more local corporation.

What’s more, working with an overseas company could also increase the cost and time needed to get your items on the market. If you don’t have a hard and fast budget requirement, consider all these factors when making your final decision.

Reputation Counts

In addition to all the aspects already discussed, check how customers and other businesses feel about each organization you’re considering. You want to know that the company you’re partnering with not only produces quality items but also meets delivery dates, pays suppliers on time, and has excellent customer service.

An injection mold manufacturer with a great reputation will happily provide both business and client references for you to check. If they refuse or even hesitate, you should move on to the next company in line.

Take the time required to find the right partner for your product manufacturing needs. In the end, the choice will affect your reputation, as well.